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ANSYS Customer Portal License Server Machine Change

ANSYS Customer Portal License Server Machine Change

How to complete a license server change via the ANSYS customer portal

Note – License servers can be changed up to 3 times per calendar year while on a current TECS subscription. If you do not have active TECS subscription, you can do one change for a fee. Please contact your sales rep for details.
  1. Navigate to the ANSYS customer portal located at https://support.ansys.com/portal/site/AnsysCustomerPortal/en_us Your ASC (ANSYS Support Coordinator) will have access to the download section and to the License Management Section.

  2. Navigate to menu item labeled “License Management” located at the top right hand side of the page.

  3. Then choose the option labeled “License Server Change”.
    ANSYS License Server Change
  4. You will then be presented with the process steps below. Once you are ready to begin the process click “Begin License Server Change”.
    begin ANSYS license server change
  5. In the following page you will be required to review and either agree or disagree with the Clickwrap Software License Agreement. You also have the option to Download a copy of the agreement for you records.

  6. After agreeing to the Clickwrap Software License Agreement you will then have the option to enter your new license server information. Once you have entered the new server information and you have verified that the information is correct click “Add New Servers to Queue” as shown below.
    add new servers to queue
  7. You will then see that the information has been verified by the system. On the next page you will see your new server highlighted in blue. You will have the option to either delete the new server or to edit this information if it is incorrect. If the information is correct click the button labeled “Confirm Queued Servers”.

  8. After confirming you will have one more chance to review your information before changes cannot be made. If everything is correct click “Save”.

  9. In the next step you will choose in the left column your “Source Servers” where the products are currently located, in the right column labeled Destination Servers, you will choose the new server which you are moving the products to. Once you have verified your servers and eligible products click “Submit for Confirmation”.
    relocate products - submit for confirmation
  10. In the next and final step you will be able to review and confirm the moving of the products to the correct license server. If everything is correct press “Confirm”. You will then receive your new license key(s) shortly via the email address belonging to your designated ASC.