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  • Ansys 2020 R2
  • Mission Statement

    Engineer | Simulate | Innovate

    We are trusted advisors who help our clients gain insight to improve product efficiency, reliability, and performance through sales, consulting, tech support, and training using ANSYS engineering simulation software and physical testing.


Why You Should Choose SimuTech

Trusted Advisors

Our clients are focused on designing and engineering their products, not on simulation tools. As a trusted advisor, SimuTech helps you gain insight to improve product efficiency and reliability.

Added value

We add value to your ANSYS projects at no additional cost. You receive our local, trusted advice, support and expertise - and we have in-depth access to ANSYS developers. We’re here to help.

Engineers first, software experts second

Of SimuTech’s 100+ employees, nearly half are engineers, most holding Master’s or PhD degrees. Our tech support engineers perform the same type of work our clients do.

Local sales and technical support

We’re proud to offer SimuTech Support®. Eight local offices throughout the US and Canada are available during normal business hours to answer calls and provide onsite assistance.

Elite ANSYS Channel Partner

Ansys Certified Elite Channel PartnerANSYS considers customer satisfaction ratings and depth of staff certification in both technical and sales ranks, business growth, and overall sales volume when it selects its Channel Partners.

Customized consulting services and scalable cloud-based computing

While most clients use ANSYS software on their in-house computers, SimuTech can assist when you require additional computing or engineering resources. Check out ANSYS Cloud.

ANSYS Tips & Tricks

    What Our Customers Say

    Harry Tournay

    “SimuTech provided answers where and when such answers would otherwise have been difficult to obtain. We were able to “test” the answers with experiential data and grew to trust the results. SimuTech provided resources beyond that available in-house.”

    Harry Tournay, Senior Scientist at Transportation Technology Center (TTCI)

    Chris Wright

    “I love these short webinars. I have been using FEA for more than 30 years and ANSYS in particular for over 13. I am able to learn something new every time I watch one of your webinars…”

    Chris Wright, Structural Design and Analysis Engineer, Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.

    Jeff Bailey

    “Thank you SimuTech for the exceptional ANSYS training class you put on. Jason and Butch were excellent trainers, knowledgeable on the software and provided insightful…”

    Jeff Bailey - President & CEO, Bailey Cranes

    Jim McArthur

    “FEA is a tool that requires skilled personnel identifying the most optimum method to analyse the problem and interpret results. SimuTech provides this expertise through their involvement in various industries.”

    Jim McArthur, P.Eng., Vice President, Operations, Innovative Steam Technologies