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Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS)
SimuTech Support®

Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS) and SimuTech Support®

As trusted advisors, we are there for our ANSYS TECS customers throughout the year, ensuring their continued growth and success.

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SimuTech Group is pleased to offer all ANSYS customers SimuTech Support®: Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS). For an annual TECS fee based on licensing, our ANSYS customers receive:

Technical Enhancements (TE)

  • The very latest software updates with new tools, improved capabilities, and leading-edge technologies, at least once a year
  • Prompt releases for corrective and adaptive maintenance

Customer Support (CS)

  • Timely customer support for the two most recent ANSYS releases
  • Support from a team of expert-level engineers, many at the PhD level, with decades of hands-on industry experience
  • Our experienced engineering team analyzes and solves the same projects our customers are working on, including advanced structural nonlinear methods, multiphase CFD process modeling and explosion simulations with explicit code
  • Easy access to the searchable ANSYS Customer Portal, which offers service packs, new features training material, and helpful documentation
  • Continually monitored support requests, both by phone and email, so your request is quickly routed to the appropriate specialist. We leverage our nationwide network of expert engineers to ensure the best person will be helping you
  • Extensive use of Net Promoter Score (NPS), an industry standard management tool, that measures the loyalty that exists between SimuTech and our ANSYS customers. In 2018, SimuTech Group’s NPS score was 82.4 for ANSYS customer support (for reference, a NPS over 70 is considered exceptional)

SimuTech Support is dedicated to helping you make the most of your investment in ANSYS software and in your people. We want to enable you to maximize your software use and design optimal projects quickly!

SimuTech Support is a registered service mark of SimuTech Group.