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ANSYS Training Courses

ANSYS guidance
Maximize your productivity by learning from our ANSYS experts to get the most out of the software
SimuTech offers a varied suite of ANSYS training courses. You can join a public class, or we can tailor one to your needs at a time that works for you. You can also learn via the web, our SimuTrain® portal, or even one-on-one mentoring sessions.


Delivery methods:

  • Public sessions at one of our North American offices
  • Custom on-site training at your facility (or off-site facility)
  • Short online (web-based) sessions over multiple days
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with a SimuTech engineer
  • Subscription-based training portal with SimuTrain®

Just let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Upcoming training courses:

FEA 101: Introduction to ANSYS Workbench Mechanical
Atlanta, GA, June 12 - 14

CFD 101: ANSYS Fluent Introductory
Everett, WA, June 25 - 28 (date change)

Our Most Popular Public ANSYS Training Courses

(all pricing is per person)

Public Courses


FEA101: Introduction to ANSYS Workbench Mechanical

Suitable for new or occasional ANSYS Mechanical users, this course teaches the basics of using ANSYS Mechanical to perform finite element analysis (FEA). Gain proficiency in pre- and post-processing the most common analysis types: static structural, modal, and steady-state thermal. Topics include CAD interaction, mesh control, connections, boundary conditions, multistep analyses, and parameters.
3 days, US$1,800, CDN$1,950


FEA102: ANSYS Workbench Mechanical Structural Nonlinearites

Learn more about nonlinear procedures and diagnostics, including contact formulations and characteristics, rate independent metal plasticity, buckling and nonlinear stabilization, and mesh nonlinear adaptivity using the Mechanical interface. Designed for users who have taken the FEA101 - Introduction to ANSYS Workbench Mechanical course and are already familiar with performing a linear static analysis in the Mechanical environment.
2 days, US$1,200, CDN$1,300


FEA103: Comprehensive ANSYS Introductory

This course provides a foundation for achieving “best of both worlds” functionality by presenting both ANSYS Mechanical APDL (Classic ANSYS) and Mechanical (Workbench) interfaces. Coursework includes similar tutorials in Mechanical and Mechanical APDL so students can compare the programs’ different methodologies and interfaces. Gain a better understanding and confidence about choosing the best method for future projects.
5 days, US$3,000, CDN$3,250


FEA201: ANSYS Workbench Mechanical Dynamics

Gain advanced skills in performing dynamic simulations, including modal, harmonic, random vibration (PSD), response spectrum, and transient structural analyses.
2 days, US$1,200, CDN$1,300


FEA202: ANSYS Workbench Mechanical Heat Transfer

Become proficient in analyzing the thermal response of structures and mechanical components to heat transfer effects by using ANSYS Workbench Mechanical to perform steady-state, transient, phase change, linear, and nonlinear thermal analyses and coupled thermal-structural analyses. All three modes of heat transfer are covered: conduction, convection, and radiation. Users will also gain insight into how Command Objects can access advanced MAPDL features while leveraging the functionality of Mechanical. This course expands on the thermal analysis capabilities in the Introduction to ANSYS Workbench Mechanical training course material.
1 day, US$600, CDN$650


FEA301: Introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR

Increase your proficiency in Explicit STR in ANSYS Workbench Mechanical in this advanced course.
2 days, US$1,200, CDN$1,300


FEA302: Introduction to ANSYS LS-DYNA

Learn to distinguish problems that should be solved explicitly versus implicitly, perform all procedures for an explicit dynamic analysis, and identify and choose element types, materials, and commands used in explicit dynamic analyses. This class is beneficial to engineers who analyze problems involving contact, large deformations, nonlinear materials, high-frequency response phenomena, or problems requiring explicit solutions.
3 days, US$1,800, CDN$1,950


FEA303: Introduction to AUTODYN

Become proficient with AUTODYN’s advanced options in in this course designed for users already familiar with Explicit Dynamics in ANSYS Workbench Mechanical.
2 days, US$1,200, CDN$1,300


CFD101: ANSYS Fluent Introductory

Learn how to perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in ANSYS FLUENT. The basics of CFD analysis, importing geometry with ANSYS SpaceClaim, applying boundary conditions, meshing using ANSYS Meshing, using FLUENT solvers and options, and reviewing results are included in this course.
4 days, US$2,400, CDN$2,600


CFD102: ANSYS CFX Introductory

Develop skills in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using ANSYS CFX. The basics of CFD analysis, importing geometry with ANSYS SpaceClaim, applying boundary conditions, meshing using ANSYS Meshing, using the various CFX solvers and options, and reviewing results are included in this course.
4 days, US$2,400, CDN$2,600


CFD301: ANSYS Icepak Introductory

Advanced level course for electronic packaging cooling using ANSYS Icepak.
3 days, USD$1,800, CDN$1,950


EMAG101: ANSYS Maxwell Introductory

Learn how to effectively use ANSYS Maxwell to setup, solve and post-process the results from low frequency electromagnetic simulations such as DC conduction, frequency domain, time domain, electrostatic and optimization studies.
2 days, US$1,200, CDN$1,300


EMAG102: ANSYS HFSS Introductory

Learn how to effectively use ANSYS HFSS to setup, solve and post-process the results from high frequency electromagnetic simulations such as antennas, RF/microwave components, and biomedical devices.
1 day, US$600, CDN$650


GEO101: ANSYS SpaceClaim Introductory

Gain insight and skills in how to create and modify FEA & CFD models in ANSYS SpaceClaim.
1 day, US$600, CDN$650


OPT101: ANSYS DesignXplorer Introductory

Learn about design optimization and how to incorporate it in your design process. DesignXplorer works under the ANSYS Workbench Mechanical environment and includes both traditional and nontraditional optimization through a goal-driven approach.
1 day, US$600, CDN$650