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EMAG 101: ANSYS Maxwell Introductory

$1,320 USD per person

Classroom Sessions: 2 days
Online Sessions: 2-4 days


  • A general knowledge of electromagnetic phenomena is recommended.
  • There are no required prerequisites for experience in using simulation software.

ANSYS Maxwell provides solutions for many types of analyses including DC conduction, frequency domain, time domain, electrostatic, and optimization studies.

ANSYS Maxwell is an intuitive mechanical analysis tool that allows creating or importing the geometry from a number of different CAD systems. It can be used to verify product performance and integrity from the concept phase through the various product design and development phases.

The use of ANSYS Maxwell accelerates product development by providing rapid feedback on multiple design scenarios, which reduces the need for multiple prototypes and product testing iterations.

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ANSYS Maxwell Introductory Agenda:

Day 1

Module 1: Basics

  • Workshops: Magnetostatic 2D Analysis, Magnetostatic 3D Analysis

Module 2: Quasi-Static (QS) Solvers

  • Workshops: Eddy Current Analysis, Electrostatic Analysis, Eddy Current Analysis, Electrostatic Analysis

Module 3: Transient Solvers

  • Workshop: 2D Magnetic Transient Analysis, 3D Magnetic Transient Analysis

Module 4: Post-Processing and Parametric

  • Workshops: Postprocessing, Parametric Analysis

Day 2

Module 5: Rotational Electrical Machines

  • Workshop: PMSM Example

Module 6: Actuators Solenoids

  • Workshop: Actuator Example

Module 7: Transformers and Inductors

  • Workshop: Transformer Example

Module 8: Multiphysics

  • Workshop: Electromagnetic Mechanical Coupling, Electromagnetic-Thermal Coupling,  Eddy Current Solver and Steady State Thermal