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CFD 101: ANSYS Fluent Introductory

$1,980 USD per person

Classroom Sessions: 3 days
Online Sessions: 3-6 days

A technical education and background are recommended but an engineering degree is not required.

On day 1 the training will focus on geometry creation and specifically focus on ANSYS SpaceClaim. If you know that you will be using ANSYS SpaceClaim, then you should definitely plan on attending day 1 of training. Even if you don't plan on using ANSYS SpaceClaim, this day of training could still be helpful since we will discuss some things to think about when creating geometries for CFD analyses and we will also talk about the geometry cleanup tools in ANSYS SpaceClaim.

On day 2 the training will focus on watertight geometry workflow as well as surface and volume meshing. If you will be using another program to create your CFD meshes, you may still find this day of training to be helpful because we will talk about some of the important things that you need to consider when creating CFD meshes.

On day 3 the training will focus on the FLUENT solver as well as best practices, turbulence modeling, heat transfer and transient flow

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ANSYS Fluent Introductory Agenda:

Day 1 - Spaceclaim

Module 1: Introduction to ANSYS

  • Workshops: Basics, Sketching in SpaceClaim

Module 2: Geometry I

  • Workshop: Creating Geometry

Module 3: Geometry II

Module 4: CFD Models

  • Workshop: Preparing Model for CFD Analysis

Module 5: Parameters and Preparations

  • Workshop: Named Selections and BOI's

Day 2 - Fluent

Module 6: Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Workshop: Mixing Tee

Module 7: Geometry Overview and Meshing

  • Workshop: Mixer

Module 8: Geometry and Meshing

  • Workshop: Heat Sink, Airplane

Module 9: Domain

  • Workshop: Flow Distribution in a Manifold

Module 10: Physics

  • Workshop: Flow in a Mixing Elbow

Day 3 - Fluent

Module 11: Postprocessing

  • Workshop: Flow Over Heated Obstacles

Module 12: Solving

  • Workshop: Solving

Module 13: Best Practices

  • Workshop: Transonic Flow over an Airfoil

Module 14: Dealing with Turbulence

  • Workshop: Backward Facing Step

Module 15: Heat Transfer

  • Workshop: Electronics Cooling

Module 16: Transient Flow

  • Workshop: Vortex Shedding

Recommended Follow-Up Topics

(dependent upon your interests and applications)

  • Combustion Modeling
  • Turbulence Modeling
  • User Defined Functions
  • Multiphase Modeling
  • Heat Transfer Modeling
  • Dynamic Mesh Modeling
  • Acoustics Modeling
  • Rotating Machinery Modeling
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Modeling