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FEA 301: Introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR

$1,320 USD per person

Classroom Sessions: 2 days
Online Sessions: 2-4 days


  • A basic knowledge of dynamics and strength of materials (material modeling) is highly recommended.
  • Knowledge of the physics of transient dynamics events is also recommended.

This 2-day course is designed for new users who want to become proficient with Explicit STR in Workbench. You will focus on learning core-modeling skills in this comprehensive, hands-on course. After completing the course you will be well-prepared to work effectively on a wide range of transient dynamics applications.

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Introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR Agenda:

Day 1

Module 1: Introduction to Explicit Dynamics

Module 2: Introduction to Workbench

  • Workshop: Taylor Test (Cylinder Impact)

Module 3: Explicit Dynamics Basics

  • Workshops: Pre-Stressed Container Impact, Pre-Stressed Gas Bottle Drop

Module 4: Results Processing

  • Workshops: Process Results of Cylinder Impact, 2D Axisymmetric Impact

Module 5: Material Models

  • Workshops: 1D Shock Propagation, Turbine Blade Break

Day 2

Module 6: Explicit Meshing

  • Workshops: Comparison of Meshing Options, Can Crush, Oblique Impact Simulation

Module 7: Body Interactions

  • Workshops: Drop Test on Reinforced Concrete, KEP Impact, Circuit Board Drop

Module 8: Analysis Settings

  • Workshops: Mass Scaling in Can Crush, Bottle Drop Test, Pre-Stressed Beam

Module 9: Optimization Studies

  • Workshop: Taylor Test What-If Study