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ANSYS Remote Solve Manager v18.1

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The Remote Solve Manager (RSM) is one of the most useful tools available in ANSYS Workbench. It has two main uses:

  1. To submit ANSYS jobs to a remote, typically more powerful computer for solution.
  2. To submit ANSYS jobs on the local computer for an immediate or delayed background solution.

This video focuses on item 1 – using RSM to submit jobs to a remote machine. This is the more common use for RSM:

  • This set up can allow multiple users to submit jobs to a central more powerful machine
  • High performance compute resources are expensive and should be leveraged as much as possible
  • RSM is a powerful tool for maximizing the computer resources available

Note: The RSM solution will check out the requested ANSYS license from your license pool; it does not share the license being currently used by the Workbench session.