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Quick Tip on Insufficient Storage in ANSYS® Workbench

ANSYS Storage

Figure 1: Temporary Storage during Solve in Workbench Mechanical


Cleaning Up Hard Drive Storage in Workbench Mechanical

Here is a simple tip concerning loss of hard drive storage space. As seen in Figure 1 above, a temporary _ProjectScratch folder is created when Workbench Mechanical solves. With large models and certain solvers, very large temporary files can be created, such as file.LN09 and file.osav in the directory listing above. If a user stops solution prematurely or the solver is otherwise killed, these files may not be cleaned up, not even when data is cleared, the model is saved and Workbench is shut down. This can result in fatal errors in subsequent solves when the free hard drive space is consumed, usually at the end of a substep, with users left baffled as to what is wrong. This difficulty will be seen more often on solid state hard drives used for speed but lacking terabytes of storage.

Once a model is saved on the hard drive and Workbench is shut down, users can employ Windows Explorer to remove an unwanted _ProjectScratch folder on the hard drive, eliminating the lost hard drive space problem.