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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Videos

How to Setup Report Definitions in ANSYS Fluent

This video shows a new method of generating plots and file outputs using a new “Report Definitions” functionality in ANSYS Fluent. The benefit of this new method is that you can plot multiple values of interest on a single plot, and output multiple values of interest to a single text file. Values of interest can be things such as volume averages of a variable, maximum and minimum values on a surface, and almost any other combination of integrals, sums, averages and solver variables.

The general process of using Report Definitions is to:

  • Generate a “Report Definition” to tell Fluent which variables of interest you will be processing and monitoring.
  • Specify a) “Report File” definition and/or b) “Report Plot” definition. This tells Fluent which values of interest as defined in step one, you’d like to output to the respective text file or on screen plot.

Additional information that Fluent will require are things such as output frequency, file name for output and plot monitor # for on screen output.