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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Videos

ANSYS CFX: Memory Allocation Troubleshooting

In this ANSYS CFX Tips & Tricks video, a CFX memory allocation troubleshooting method is shown.

Occasionally, CFX simulations stop prematurely and the output shows errors such as:

Example 1:
ACTION REQUIRED : Increase the file catalogue size.

Example 2:
ACTION REQUIRED : Increase the character stack memory size.

Occasionally, it complains about other types of memory such as “Real”, “Integer”, “Double”, “Character” etc. In most cases, CFX writes “Action Required” and tells you to increase the relevant memory size. This video shows you how to identify which type of memory allocation has failed, and in which CFX executable this occurred in (interpolator, partitioner, or solver). Once these things are identified by the user, memory allocation parameters can be easily modified using multipliers in the Detailed Memory Overrides section of the CFX-Solver Manager Define Run panel.

Video: How to troubleshoot memory allocations errors in ANSYS CFX