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Random Vibration Added Capabilities – ANSYS ACT Extension

With new additive manufacturing techniques and progressively lighter parts being developed, it’s now more important to analyze your part in a random vibration situation. The Random Vibration ACT extension allows you to represent the loading and post-processing of your part in a more accurate way than ever before.

With the Random Vibration ACT you can pre-process your model with PSD Pressure, PSD Force, and Fast Fourier Transformation load cases. The Fast Fourier Transformation load case grants you the ability to upload incredibly complex signal plots, such as a vibration plot for a rocket launch or a truck bed. For post-processing, this ACT extension allows you to plot response PSDs at one or several nodes, and to plot both the root mean square and zero-crossing frequency of any chosen quantity. These features make checking the validity of your analysis much easier than before, so you can make design decisions faster.

Download the Random Vibration ACT extension

The ACT extension can be found here: Random Vibration Added Capabilities (registration required). Currently, ANSYS versions 17.x and 18.x are supported. All ACT extensions come with documentation on how to install and use them.

Random Vibration Added Capabilities – ANSYS ACT Extension

Random Vibration Added Capabilities – ANSYS ACT Extension

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