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Linearized Stress – ANSYS ACT Extension

As designs have progressed and the geometries of pressure vessels have become exceedingly complex, many traditional hand calculations have become both impractical and inaccurate.

This Linearized Stress plugin allows you to determine membrane and bending stresses along a straight line, which in turn allows you to more accurately depict the stresses of a pressure vessel. Membrane stress represents the average tension or compression stresses along a thin wall, and bending stress represents the difference in stress between the inside and outside of the pressure vessel. The sum of these two stress values allows you to illustrate the correct amount of stress across the sidewall of a pressure vessel.

Applying the ACT linearized stress extension

Using this plugin, you can quickly determine both membrane and bending stresses at multiple points across a pressure vessel and easily determine if your design meets ASME requirements.

The ACT extension can be found here: Linearized Stress V6 (registration required). If redirected to ANSYS App Store search “Linearized Stresses”. Currently, ANSYS versions 17.x and 18.x are supported. All ACT extensions come with documentation on how to install and use them.

Linearized Stress – ANSYS ACT Extension