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Solder Joint Fatigue Life Version 2.4 – ANSYS ACT Extension

Because of their complex nature and large number of variables, fatigue failures in solder joints have historically been incredibly hard to predict using FEA. Fatigue failures account for almost a quarter of all solder joint failures in industry, and they remain the hardest to predict. Before this extension, users needed extensive knowledge of APDL, and fatigue calculation required several tedious hand calculations. With this ACT extension, all that changes. Users no longer needs to know APDL, and they can switch between fatigue factor units without any laborious hand calculations.

Applying the ACT Solder Joint Fatigue Life Extension

The extension uses the Darveaux Fatigue Model, which considers different coefficients of thermal expansion. And like the commonly used Miner’s rule, the Solder Joint Fatigue Life Prediction plugin calculates fatigue based on the solder joints’ damage accumulation.

The ACT extension can be found here: Solder Joint Fatigue Life Prediction (registration required). If redirected to ANSYS App Store search “Solder Joint Fatigue Life”. Currently, ANSYS versions 17.x and 18.x are supported. All ACT extensions come with documentation on how to install and use them.

Solder Joint Fatigue Life Version 2.4 – ANSYS ACT Extension