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ANSYS Mechanical (Workbench) 14.5 driven by a 3rd Party Application

Download: Documentation (.pdf) & MS Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsm)

This is beta version of this extension so please check and verify results.


The goal of this Excel file is to provide an example of how to drive/link ANSYS Workbench by/with another application – here an Excel spreadsheet

Even if the example is very simple – a 3D beam on which we run a pre-stressed modal analysis, it shows what needs to be done to achieve such a process automation.

How does it work?

1. Define Input parameters in Excel: 

ANSYS WB 3rd Party 1


2. Launch WB in background 

3. Create the model based on the parameters values

4. Define Mesh Settings

5. Apply Force and BC’s

6. Launch the solve

 ANSYS WB 3rd Party 2

ANSYS WB 3rd Party 3


7. Send Results back in Excel:

ANSYS WB 3rd Party 4



Useful Technology & Coding Languages

1. VBA macros in MS Excel Icon


2. Python Journal File:
to set up the whole project in  ANSYS Logo Icon


3. JScript :
- Geometry Creation in ANSYS DM Icon

- Analysis Set-up in ANSYS Mechanical Workbench Icon



Pre-requesite in  ANSYS DM Icon

One option needs to be configured beforehand in ANSYS DM Icon:

 ANSYS WB 3rd Party 5


It will prevent the script for being paused by asking the user which unit system to be used for creating the geometry.



How to view Excel Macros?

In Excel (Office 2007):

- Click on the Office Button MS Office Icon

- Choose Excel options MS Excel Options

- Select: Show Developer tab in the Ribbon

MS Developer Tools

MS Developer Tools Toolbar


Now select Developer tab and by clicking on  MS Visual Basic   you should be able to see the code.

VBA macro (click on Sheet1):

MS Excel Macro Example


Take this as an example!



ANSYS Logo Icon  Python code

Python Code Example




JScript code for ANSYS DM Icon

Jscript Example



JScript code for ANSYS Mechanical Workbench Icon

Jscript Example 1


Jscript Example 2


Jscript Example 3


Jscript Example 4