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SimuTech Support®

Our goal is to make you, our customer, successful.

We’re proud to showcase SimuTech Support, our premier technical support for the ANSYS and Rocky DEM simulation software suites.

Our technical support engineers are…

  • Industry experts
  • Experienced ANSYS and Rocky DEM users
  • Skilled professionals in both the practical and theoretical aspects of applying ANSYS and Rocky DEM to real-world problems

Many technical support programs can answer a technical question.

At SimuTech, we probe further.

Our engineers ask questions so that we understand your project and goals more deeply. This approach, combined with our expertise and decades of experience, allows us to offer insight into how you can best apply the features and technology of ANSYS and Rocky DEM software to achieve an optimum solution.

Contact the SimuTech technical support team

Connect with highly skilled engineers at each SimuTech North American office. Included are technical specialists, team members who specialize in particular industries and physics, such as advanced structural non-linear methods, multi-phase CFD process modeling, or simulation of explosions with explicit code. Their expertise can be easily leveraged across our company.

In addition, over several decades, SimuTech Group has built strong ties with the ANSYS internal technical team. Our access to ANSYS developers is crucial if ANSYS software bugs occur.

When support is required, you can connect with our technical support team by contacting your local SimuTech Support office by phone or e-mail.

Your request is automatically logged into our ticket support tracking system, which our local experts monitor continually so we can promptly connect you with the appropriate specialist.

Regardless of how you contact us, developing strong local ties with our customers is of utmost importance to us. We strive to provide familiarity, reliability, and dependability to our clients. Should your organization require more specific or custom support resources, simply contact us to see how SimuTech Support can help.

SimuTech Support offers tremendous value in helping our customers maximize ANSYS software and design optimal projects. SimuTech Support, however, cannot take the place of:

Customers should reference the above resources often and research any issues before they contact us for support. Many issues can be solved quickly and easily with these options.

Finally, customers should always create simple test models to verify software features and functionality. If correct answers cannot be obtained with a simple model, implementation may be the issue. It is much easier to work with and debug simple test case models. If a problem cannot be resolved, it’s easier to send us a demo model than a confidential file.

SimuTech Support also does not provide:

  1. Debugging of custom macros / coding
  2. Debugging of large/complex nonlinear models
  3. Support for ACT extensions is not covered by standard TECS (unless written by SimuTech Group). Please refer to the click wrap agreement for ACT Extensions downloaded from the ANSYS Customer Portal
  4. Integration with 3rd party software
  5. Unsupported hardware and/or OS configurations

When you need mentoring or training to enhance your expertise, your local SimuTech Group office can provide these services at our site or yours. We’re pleased to meet your specific training goals - we will work with you to customize your training when, where, and how you need it.

Simply contact us to see how SimuTech Group can help.

SimuTech Support is a registered service mark of SimuTech Group.