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Contacting SimuTech Support®

Contact SimuTech Support

Our goal is to make our customers successful.

ANSYS software supportRocky DEM support

SimuTech Support provides technical assistance to all of our current ANSYS TECS (Technical Enhancement and Customer Support) and Rocky DEM clients.

To contact technical support:

(see ITAR/CGP advisory below)

585-623-5050 (USA)
416-997-6085 (Canada)

For phone support, you will be asked to select your region (see map below).

This includes technical support for all ANSYS and Rocky DEM products:

  • ANSYS Mechanical Workbench, LS-DYNA, ...
  • ANSYS CFD (Fluent, CFX, Icepak, ...)
  • ANSYS Electromagnetics (Maxwell, HFSS, Electronics Desktop, ...)
  • Discovery AIM, Discovery Live, Discovery SpaceClaim
  • ANSYS HPC, DesignXplorer, ...

ANSYS Training North America - SimuTech Group offices map

Please be advised that SimuTech Group will not accept through email support any technical data related to export controlled information (ITAR or CGP) including but not limited to blueprints, drawings, photographs, plans, instructions and documentation relating to military, satellite, or space end-use. Proceeding with technical support is acceptance that the technical data that you provide does not relate to such military, satellite, or space end-use. If you believe your data falls into this category, then please call our technical support number (see above) to ask for export controlled support or submit your ticket through email with “EXPORT CONTROLLED” clearly labeled in the subject of the email. This will ensure that a US person is assigned to the ticket.

SimuTech Support is a registered service mark of SimuTech Group.