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Simulation Software & Services for Power Generation

Renewable & Alternative Power Generation

Solar Wind Power PlantThe recent environmental and political pressures have made the renewable and alternative power generation industry a viable market where new methods and technologies are competing for a major role in power generation, now and in the decades to come.

Both SimuTech and ANSYS continue to play a significant role in the development of many new technological advancements in the renewable and alternative power generation industry.

SimuTech Consulting Projects in the Renewable/Alternative Power Generation Industry:

  • HVAC CFD simulation for optimal residential natural convection in coastal California
  • Manufacturing-related process simulations of single-crystal silicon solar cells to eliminate solar cell cracking during handling and stringing operations


Design ElementChallengesSimulation Benefits
Wind Power
  • Seismic load calculations and assurance
  • Fluid-structure interaction of lightweight composite structures
  • Maximizing efficiency of turbines and turbine placement
  • Generator design and analysis
  • Transmission Systems
  • Straightforward linear and non-linear vibration analysis
    • Integration with other standard tools (ASAS integration with Flex5)
  • Coupled physics for true virtual prototyping
    • Electromagnetics, thermal/structural, fluid/thermal
  • Optimize turbine output and placement
    • Wind speed prediction over complex terrain
Hydro Power
  • Turbine design
  • Minimizing flow separation in ducts under a wide range of flow rates
  • Fish protection
    • Fish friendly turbines
    • Maximizing oxygen levels
    • Aeration
    • Fish ladders
  • Dam design
    • Seismic loads
    • Structural stability assessments
  • Understand the impact of installation effects before deployment
  • Optimize performance by determining inlet and outlet flow angles and separation patterns
  • Reduce the number of hardware prototypes needed in the pump design and installation process
  • Allows parametric investigation of scale-up effects for these extremely large pumps, which is not possible through testing, but straightforward with simulation.
Solar Power
  • Wind loads on panels and resulting vibrations
  • The search for lower cost manufacturing methods
  • Designing for thermal loads
  • Maximizing efficiency
  • Design to minimize fluid-structure interaction with virtual prototypes
  • Simulate and optimize manufacturing methods
  • Predict thermal loads to make necessary design refinements before physical prototyping
  • Maximize heat exchanger and power conversion efficiencies for solar-thermal systems
  • Understanding the impact of fuel changes
  • Slagging, fouling, and corrosion
  • Air staging and emissions control
  • Grate combustion
  • The capability to design furnaces for a variety of fuels
    • Understanding scale-up implications
  • Understand air staging implications on emissions, heat transfer and ash
    • Access to biomass combustion models
Fuel Cells
  • Channel design that optimizes distribution of oxygen (hydrogen) to the cathode (anode)
  • Water management
  • Thermal stresses and cooling plate design
  • Materials
    • High costs
    • Property variation
  • Space limitations
  • Probabilistic design in virtual prototypes
    • Design for Six Sigma
  • Minimize costly physical prototypes using analysis based on first principle physics (electrochemistry, fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, structural mechanics)