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Simulation Software & Services for Plastic and Rubber

Plastic and Rubber

Moldflow 3 1SimuTech Group has considerable expertise and engineering simulation software tools for modeling, analyzing and optimizing plastic and rubber parts.

In addition to simulation software and services, SimuTech is a leader in providing vibration diagnostics services to the plastic & rubber industry.

The entire design, manufacturing and tooling of plastic parts can be simulated with a combination of:

  • ANSYS - tooling structural and thermal considerations
  • ANSYS POLYFLOW - plastic extrusions, thermoforming, and more

With the current trend of switching from steel to aluminum tooling for plastic injection molding, determing the cost benefits vs durablility is a real concern. Simulation of the aluminum tooling can provide the answers to help justify your decision.

For rubber parts, ANSYS nonlinear material models can handle several types of rubber material behaviors such as hyperelastic and viscoeleastic models as well as large deflection and large strain models.

Applications for plastic and rubber part simulation

A few applications for plastic and rubber parts that can be simulated include:

  • Drop test for filled or empty containers
  • High-speed impact
  • Ballistic protection
  • Energetic systems
  • Blast propagation
  • Materials research

CFD software
FEA software