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Simulation Software & Services for Electronics

Networking & Communication Equipment

ANSYS softwareANSYS FEA and CFD simulation software has been used extensively in the design and engineering of network and communication equipment. Many SimuTech customers are currently using ANSYS CFD and FEA software for network and communication equipment design projects.

SimuTech has completed many ANSYS consulting and testing projects directly associated with network and communication equipment design. Contact us to find out more about our latest projects.

ANSYS consultant
HF EM Shielding

Network & communication equipment: challenges and benefits

ChallengesSimulation Benefits
  • Continued focus on air cooling
  • Increasing power densities
  • Stringent EU and US EMC regulations
  • Increasing need for data center design
  • Increasing need for EMI analysis
  • Allows multiphysics design innovation
  • Enables optimization between thermal management and EMC 
  • Reduces recalls due to mechanical and or thermal failures
  • Reduces delays due to EMC