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SimuTech in the Healthcare and Medical Industries

Let our experts help solve your engineering challenges by simulating your designs.

SimuTech Group has over 30 years of expertise in engineering simulation of healthcare and medical device applications.

We have worked on projects in a number of disciplines within the healthcare field.

  • Cardiovascular
  • Orthopedic
  • Ophthalmology
  • Respiratory
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Laboratory Instrumentation

Our projects include the use of ANSYS engineering simulation software to help our customers address issues and answer questions throughout their product development cycle, from early concept refinement studies to later-stage manufacturability improvement efforts.

SimuTech serves healthcare giants and startups alike

Major healthcare corporations, large research institutions and start-up companies alike have turned to SimuTech to meet their engineering analysis needs.

We pride ourselves in being responsive to each client’s particular needs, from initial, quick concept development analyses to in-depth, highly complex multi-disciplinary analyses.

If you qualify as a start-up company, receive discounted simulation software from ANSYS, Inc. and support from SimuTech Group to help get your company and products off the ground and into the market.

In addition to simulation software and services, SimuTech is a leader in providing vibration diagnostics services to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Expert Mark Goodin

Mark Goodin
Principal CFD Consulting Engineer
Healthcare Expert
ASME V&V 40 Committee Member

Mark Goodin Healthcare Expert


Centrifugal Blood Pump Modeling
Patient-specific Computational Modeling
Artificial Kidney and Pancreas Projects


10 issued U.S. Patents

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SimuTech Healthcare Projects:

Centrifugal Blood Pump Modeling

healthcare engineering simulation software
CFD consulting
FEA consulting

For over ten years, the SimuTech engineering team has applied CFD in the design of left and right ventricular assist devices as well as total artificial hearts. Our focus has been on providing insight to help guide the development of these new blood pumps. The goal being to provide the desired hydraulic performance and also minimize regions of sustained high and low shear that could lead to blood damage or thrombus formation.

Learn more about the centrifugal blood pump projects:

ASAIO Journal: Assessing Computational Model Credibility Using a Risk-Based Framework - Application to Hemolysis in Centrifugal Blood Pumps

NAFEMS Presentation: Total Artificial Heart Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling - Gaining Insight to Reduce the Potential for Thrombus Formation

Artificial Organs Paper: Progress on the Design and Development of the Continuous-Flow Total Artificial Heart

ANSYS Solutions, Spring 2005: pdfResearchers Keep Blood Flowing with Cardiac Pumps Designed with CFD.(100 KB)

ANSYS Advantage: Heart to Heart - CFD for Healthcare

MDDI Article: Using CFD to Gain Insight into Medical Device Designs

Patient-specific Computational Modeling

Reconstructed 3D Human
Airway Volume Model
Reconstructed 3D Human Airway Volume Model
Air Velocity
Throughout Airway
Air Velocity Throughout Airway
Static Pressures
Along Airway Surface
Static Pressures Along Airway Surface

An exciting and growing area of focus in healthcare is patient-specific computational modeling. Such modeling, based upon three-dimensional imaging reconstruction of a patient’s anatomy, can help clinicians plan their surgical approaches or evaluate a new device’s performance under simulated clinical conditions.

Learn more about patient-specific computational modeling from our 2018 NAFEMS presentation:
Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Predict the Effects of a Mandibular Repositioning Device on the Airway of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Artificial Kidney and Pancreas Projects

Another area of focus for the SimuTech engineering team has been in applying CFD to help advance the development of new artificial kidney and pancreas devices. In addition to optimizing the flow path to improve mass transfer, we have applied particle tracking methods to assess the likelihood of platelet activation when flowing through such devices.

Learn more about the platelet activation modeling in support of the artificial kidney project from our 2018 Journal of Biomechanics article:
Platelet stress accumulation analysis to predict thrombogenicity of an artificial kidney

Besides the projects noted above, SimuTech engineers have successfully used ANSYS engineering simulation software in a variety of healthcare and medical device applications:

Cardiovascular Devices

Cardiovascular Devices

  • Rotary blood pumps (CFD)
  • Blood oxygenators (CFD)
  • Blood heat exchangers (CFD)
  • Cardiac catheters (CFD)
  • Thermal balloon catheters (CFD)
  • Atherectomy devices (CFD)
  • Miniaturized implantable renal assist device (CFD)
  • Miniaturized Blood Oxygenator (CFD)
  • MEMS drug delivery catheter (CFD)
  • Laparoscopic fluid delivery device (CFD)
  • Cover for blood cell separator (FEA)



  • Spinal implants (FEA)
  • Surgical cooling device (CFD)



  • Replacement lens for cataracts surgery (FEA)
  • Contact lens on cornea (FEA)



  • Particle deposition in the human lungs (CFD)
  • Percussion bed simulation (FEA)
  • Effect of mandibular repositioning device on airway of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (CFD)

Other Healthcare Applications

Other Healthcare Applications

  • Magnetic stem cell separation device (CFD)
  • Thermal modeling of human skin (CFD)
  • Medical imaging machine frame (FEA)
  • Connector design for breathing apparatus (FEA)
  • Predicting air flow patterns within the surgical suite for infection control (CFD)