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Simulation Software & Services for Electronics

Consumer Electronics

ANSYS Software Consumer ElectronicsANSYS FEA and CFD simulation software has been used extensively in the design and engineering of consumer electronics. A number of SimuTech customers are currently using ANSYS FEA and CFD software for consumer electronics projects.

Autodesk Moldflow software is also extensively used in the design and engineering of consumer electronics as manufacturers continue to look for cost efficient means to lower product cost.

SimuTech Consulting Projects in the Consumer Electronics Industry:

  • Drop test of cell phone in multiple orientations
  • Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) of Inkjet Head. 3-Physics: piezoelectric, stress, fluids
  • Fluid-structure interaction of fabric moving across copier/printer, fully coupled, with non-linear structural materials 

Consumer electronics simulations

Autodesk Simulation
Cell Phone Structural Analysis

ChallengesSimulation Benefits
  • Very rapid design cycle
  • High premium on product innovation
  • Competitive and price sensitive industry
  • Continued reduction in size and weight
  • Enables innovation
  • Reduces time to market
  • Allows for multiphysics optimization
    • Thermal, EMAG, Mechanical
  • Allows optimization of functionality vs. cost and weight
  • Reduces warranty costs