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Simulation Software & Services for Electronics

Computer and Storage Devices

Hard DriveANSYS FEA and CFD simulation software has been used extensively in the design and engineering of computer and storage devices. A number of SimuTech customers are using ANSYS FEA and CFD software for computer and storage device projects.

Computer Enclosure
Flow Inside of Disk Drive Enclosure

ChallengesSimulation Benefits
  • Fluid-structure interaction of fabric moving across copier/printer, fully coupled, with non-linear structural materials  Continued focus on air cooling in PC
  • Very short design cycle
  • Increasing concerns about acoustics
  • Increasing power densities
  • Extreme cost competitiveness
  • High power density in super computers
  • Allows for efficient air-cooled designs
  • Shortens design cycle
  • Optimizes advanced cooling methods
  • Enables optimization between thermal management and EMC 
  • Reduces recalls due to mechanical and/or thermal failures