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Simulation Software & Services for Power Generation

Common Power Systems

Steam TurbineSimuTech has extensive capabilities and experience in the steam turbine with FEA and CFD simualtion software from ANSYS for structural, thermal and fluid dynamics as well as fatigue analysis with fe-safe.

For over 30 years, SimuTech's Rochester office has a long established history in the steam turbine industry and specializes in physical testing services such as modal testing & MAC and blade frequency testing.

common power systems
Rotating Telemetry

Design ElementChallengesSimulation Benefits
Steam Turbines
  • Part life/erosion
  • Costly downtime for failed equipment
  • Thermal stresses
  • Determine and then design for likely nucleation and condensation regions
  • Maximize part life through optimizing fatigue/creep trade-offs
Motors & Generators
  • Need to dissipate large thermal loads with a minimum of parasitic power losses
  • Generating a clean voltage signal
  • Determine generator characteristics before creating a physical prototype:
    • Subtransient reactance
    • Open-circuit saturation curve
    • Output voltage signal harmonic distortion
    • Heat transfer in air passages
Balance of Plant:
  • Fans & Pumps
  • Heat exchangers
  • Valves & Seals
  • Condensers
  • Erosion/Corrosion
  • Poor performance
  • Fatigue failure
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Design for uneven flow distribution
  • Reduce erosion in virtual prototypes
Transmission Systems
  • Failures can effect thousands of customers
  • Keeping electric field strengths within specifications
  • Designing for complex failure modes
  • Simulate complex coupled physics during the design process
  • Improve safety and reliability