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Simulation Software & Services for Electronics

Aerospace & Automotive Electronics

fea softwareANSYS FEA and CFD simulation software has been used extensively in the design and engineering of aerospace and automotive electronics. A number of SimuTech customers are using ANSYS FEA and CFD software for aerospace and automotive electronics projects.

SimuTech Consulting Projects in the Aerospace and Automotive Electronics Industry:

  • Pre-stressed PSD Random Vibration of electronics PCB assembly
  • Natural & forced convection analyses to evaluate the thermal performance of chips in electronic enclosures

ANSYS software
Thermal Analysis of Electronic Enclosure

ChallengesSimulation Benefits
  • Electronics is the leading product differentiator
  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • High reliability requirements
  • Stringent weight limitations
  • Reduces time to market and physical testing
  • Allows performance of previously difficult validations (altitude and environmental effects)
  • Allows for significant weight reductions
  • Allows for multiphysics design optimization