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ANSYS AIM Overview - Structural Capabilities

This webinar recording demonstrates the general advantages of using ANSYS AIM, especially for current DesignSpace users looking to upgrade.

The following features of ANSYS AIM will be explored:

  • Solid modeling: SpaceClaim Direct modeler
  • Nonlinear contacts (Frictional, Frictionless, Rough)
  • ANSYS Fatigue
  • Transient thermal analysis Nonlinear (large deformation) analysis
  • Multiphysics capability (CFD, FSI, EM, Conjugate Heat Transfer)
  • Guided workflows (Templates)
  • ANSYS Customization suite

AIM provides a single environment (User Interface) where all the different simulations (physics) can be performed, eliminating the need to learn a different tool for each simulation type. Additionally, AIM is on a rapid update schedule (3 updates per year), allowing new features to be added quickly.