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Explicit Dynamics: ANSYS Workbench for LS-DYNA & STR

This webinar demonstrates all aspects of Explicit Dynamics simulation with additional emphasis on drop test examples.

With streamlined workflow, this environment enables the following capabilities:

  • CAD import from all leading sources – bi-directional
  • ANSYS automatically detects and does setup for contacts
  • Library of Material Models–Metal/Concrete/Rock/Soil/Sand/Rubbers/Polymers
  • Geometry clean-up to facilitate fast accurate explicit analysis
  • Quick simple definition of initial and boundary conditions
  • Parameters usable for optimization based on varying geometry, material models and boundary conditions
  • State-of-the-art meshing designed to produce high quality meshes ideally suited for explicit simulations
  • Converting LS-DYNA models to STR and vice versa
  • Running LS-DYNA jobs inside Workbench or Exporting input files (.k)
  • Comprehensive post processing
  • One click report generation

Webinar: Simulating explicit dynamics