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World-Class Customer Service

ANSYS Customer Support SalesSimuTech Group not only provides world-class engineering simulation software, consulting and physical testing services, we also provide world-class customer service.

For a better understanding of why customers choose SimuTech, please read our whitepaper:
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Additonally, here are just a few testimonials from our customers:


Customer Testimonials

"FEA is a tool that requires skilled personnel identifying the most optimum method to analyse the problem and interpret results. SimuTech provides this expertise through their involvement in various industries."

Jim McArthur, P.Eng., Vice President, Operations, Innovative Steam Technologies, Cambridge, ON

“SimuTech provided answers where and when such answers would otherwise have been difficult to obtain. We were able to “test” the answers with experiential data and grew to trust the results. SimuTech provided resources beyond that available in-house.

Butch became an integral part of the team so that we could openly discuss problems with the expectation of receiving positive responses. Our team members have learned from the experience so that their expertise has been enhanced.

I was very impressed with Butch’s overall technical experience. He did not “just” run / operate ANSYS, but pointed-out pitfalls, and suggested approaches that we had not considered.”

Harry Tournay, Senior Scientist, Transportation Technology Center (TTCI), Pueblo, CO

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“I have consistently been impressed with the technical knowledge and insight the SimuTech technical support staff displays. My questions are promptly addressed (usually within a few hours). SimuTech always goes the extra mile to help me understand the issue by following up after our initial discussion to make sure I had my questions clearly answered.”

Jared Sparks, Mechanical Engineer, Atkins Global, Kirkland, WA

“Thank you all (SimuTech Group - Central) for the opportunity given me, to attend the Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical Class, this week.

Being in the situation where I was laid off from my prior position, with a company where I worked for 25 years and where I had risen from a fairly junior project engineer position to the top engineering level within the company and where I made many significant contributions, has not been easy. Discovering your “lend a hand” program was a very pleasant surprise and is a credit to your organization.

The class was well presented, the materials excellent and general care taken outstanding. Thanks again!”

Doug Phillips, Owner, BMP Solutions LLC, Westlake, OH

“Thank you (SimuTech Group - Central) very much for doing this (FEA consulting work) for us and doing it quickly. The analysis report looked clear and concise and we were very happy with the results.

I am sure this will not be the last time we work together since this went so well and everyone here was happy with your presentation and explanations.”

Troy Fuller, Machine/Facility Design, Meyer Tool, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

“I love these short webinars. I have been using FEA for more than 30 years and ANSYS in particular for over 13 (don’t ask about what I was using before). While I am very capable at using ANSYS to solve the problems I am given, I am also able to learn something new every time I watch one of your webinars. This new knowledge always enables me to make more educated choices about my models and helps make me a better engineer. Thanks again for making a quality product easier to use while improving my capabilities to use it. I eagerly look forward to your future webinars.”

Chris Wright, Mechanical Design Engineer, Philips Medical Systems MR, Inc., Latham, NY

“Just a note to say again how much I appreciate your (SimuTech Group – Central) kind support this year. Every interaction has been positive and that is a rarity in my book.”

Dave Anthony, Manager of Engineering Analysis, Gradall Industries, Inc., New Philadelphia, OH

“I want to thank you and your colleagues at SimuTech for the excellent training I received last week on ANSYS. The training will be of tremendous value to me in my job search as it provided me with enough background to follow up my training at RIT with Dr. Ghoneim in the 1990s and what opportunities lie ahead in my next job and where to follow up with training. I was particularly interested in the areas of design of experiments using the ANSYS software, as I have used JMP (by SAS) at Kodak.

Your program LEND A HAND (Quick Start Sessions) is of tremendous power to retrain engineers that were recently affected by layoffs as it provides us with new skills or upgrade one’s training plus provides awareness of other resources available for engineers. It was a real special treat for me to have such talented professionals given the training for 5 days plus lunches.

I will be forever grateful for my experience with SimuTech and I hope in my next job I have a chance to further develop my skills in this area.”

Francisco (Frank) Ziegelmuller, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Webster, NY

“Our Non-Ferrous Autoclave Technology Group at Hatch had devoted significant effort trying to learn ANSYS ICEM meshing tools on our own but had little success. SimuTech Canada provided onsite mentoring, and after 2 weeks, we were successfully modeling our most complicated components.

For us, the mentoring service was worthwhile because it quickly brought our analysts up to speed. Working with our models instead of textbook tutorials let us focus on the issues relevant to our work. It would have taken years of experience to learn these subtleties on our own.

Onsite mentoring is an effective method for learning these comprehensive tools. Working with our own models made the subject matter much more relevant, making the lessons easier to remember. Users become more productive faster, as mentoring removes the hesitation that comes with not knowing how to apply the software to real world applications.”

Ted Barrette, Hatch Inc., Mississauga, ON

“GENIVAR (Now WSP) recently started mentoring services with SimuTech Group and this activity has been extremely valuable to our R&D and consulting projects. In a few hours, we were able to cover many advanced topics and the targeted progress up the learning curve will save us a lot of time in using ANSYS 14 and FLUENT. We plan regular mentoring sessions with SimuTech staff from now on, supported by a long-term Service Agreement.

When we purchased ANSYS FLUENT, we were told that we would get excellent technical support. We are pleased that, more than a year later, their team has far exceeded our expectations. SimuTech has set-up – and kept-up – a true collaboration with GENIVAR.”

Jean-Luc Daviau, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Sr. Hydraulic Specialist, Manager of WSP’s Centre of Excellence for Hydraulics

“On behalf of all at MTI that were trained by Brock Wilt and the SimuTech Group, thank you so much for such an effective training session. The tailored sessions have allowed us to hit the ground running with immediate project needs. I wanted to send you this email specifically to highlight the high level of service Brock provided during the training. He has been exceptionally accessible, responsive, and helpful both inside and outside of the training sessions. He is extremely knowledgeable and throughout all interactions, we have felt as if we were his highest priority. I certainly will not hesitate to recommend SimuTech and Brock by name for any ANSYS training needs in the future.”

Jeff Sander, Lead Engineer, Morris Engineering, Hamilton, OH

“I am very grateful to SimuTech for letting me participate in the “Lend a Hand” program. The instruction and guidance given for the “Introduction to Fluent” training class was absolutely first class. I found the instructors to be of the highest academic and professional caliber and at the same time the friendliest. Ultimately, the best thing about your training course was that it was instrumental in landing me a job with the leading hydraulic engineering consultancy in North America.”

Steve Kwan

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know the outstanding job your staff (SimuTech Group - West) did in allowing EBDG to try, and eventually acquire, DesignModeler. Elliott Bay Design Group uses ANSYS in ways which differ from ANSYS’s target group of users. The support we received from Rajesh & Butch was timely and helpful. Derek’s scheduling of a Q&A session was brilliant. And enough can’t be said for Terrisa’s organization in getting us temporary and permanent keys.”

James Jennings, Marine Engineer, Elliott Bay Design Group, Seattle, WA

“Thank you (SimuTech - Seattle) for the exceptional ANSYS training class you put on. Jason and Butch were excellent trainers, knowledgeable on the software and provided insightful direction on applications questions. Working with Rajesh on the last day was extremely helpful and saved many future hours on a problem we deal with regularly. Butch fielded several application questions and provided detailed ideas on how to approach various problems with the ANSYS software. This was a big plus.”

Jeff Bailey - PE, President, Man & Material Lift Engineering, Cudahy, WI

“I want to thank you for the excellent seminar you (SimuTech - Central) presented to us on November 3rd and 4th. Nice job - I believe everyone learned a great deal. We are currently working in some practical applications of what we learned to keep it fresh. We also look forward to working with SimuTech in the future for further ANSYS training and consulting projects.”

Lead Engineer, Leading Energy Company

“By using powerful jets to maintain or resuspend solids, our JetMix™ Vortex Mixing System has shown itself to be a powerful alternative to conventional mechanical tank mixers. Given that our designs are innovative and can be customized to meet our customers’ unique specifications, we need to be able to visualize the mixing process early in the design process. This helps ensure there are no surprises once our tanks are placed into service. At that point, it is an expensive and time-consuming task to modify the design. And, the cost to do the rework typically falls back on us regardless of the circumstances.

To assist us in visualizing the flow patterns and mixing process, we rely on SimuTech’s CFD consulting team to construct the CFD models and provide us with the visual results we need to evaluate our designs. Working with such large tanks - 30 ft. to 300 ft. in diameter, capacities from 50,000 to 5,000,000 gallons or more, often using non-Newtonian fluids (slurry) and a variety of piping and nozzle patterns - provide a number of engineering challenges. Predicting the flow patterns and mixing characteristics are not always intuitive. The use of CFD software points out the trouble regions that we did not predict so that we can easily iterate on our design until we get the design right before constructing a new tank.”

Mark Crump, President, Liquid Dynamics Corp., Geneva, IL

“In the last two years we have been actively interacting with SimuTech engineers over a wide variety of technical topics from high performance computing (HPC), convergence problems involving contact and gasket elements to a simple license-related issue. We also enjoyed the informative training sessions including webinars, every time when ANSYS had a new release. The service we have received from SimuTech is timely, consistent and reliable.”

Xin (Sean) Lei, Advanced Analysis and Simulation, Navistar Engine Group

“My engineering group at Hydraforce has over 10 years experience with the ANSYS sales and support team that is now SimuTech Group (Chicago office). Since the initial evaluation of ANSYS software, we have been very impressed with the level of service provided. One of the most important services provided by the SimuTech Group team is assistance in ongoing review of our needs as an engineering department to ensure that we have the appropriate CAE tools to deliver world-class products as well as providing proper training and mentoring to maximize our use of those tools. Several times, the SimuTech team has gone beyond what is normally expected by providing timely software evaluations of new tools and troubleshooting solutions with existing tools.”

Jaklin Yoesep, Sr. Project Engineer, Hydraforce

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Batavia, IL) has been a long-time user of ANSYS FEA software. About 4 years ago, the lab began to slowly transition to the newer ANSYS Workbench interface. Prior to that, my group had worked, literally for decades, with the Classic ANSYS interface and ANSYS APDL scripts to construct, solve and post-process our FEA models. While the ANSYS Workbench interface certainly has advantages in terms of productivity, it was not always clear to us what was going on behind the scenes.

During this transition period, SimuTech Group (Chicago office) and in particular, Krishna Raichur, has played an instrumental role through a series of onsite training and mentoring sessions. Krishna’s in-depth understanding of the ANSYS Classic interface and ANSYS APDL as well as ANSYS Workbench has allowed us to bridge the gap between my group’s long experience with Classic ANSYS and the new generation of less transparent, but highly productive software, and have full confidence that our Workbench models reflect our design intents. At times, he even anticipated our questions and provided the appropriate answers before we asked the questions. That level of competency is greatly appreciated.”

Bob Wands, Supervisor, PPD/MS/Engineering Analysis Group

“In addition to being our ANSYS vendor, SimuTech has provided great technical support to our engineering team. SimuTech’s technical consultants have worked closely with our design team for both training and developing practical ANSYS modeling solutions in a time-efficient manner. Our simulation experiences with SimuTech have yielded good correlation to characterization data and, as a result, we have been able to identify and address potential design deficiencies before high-volume manufacturing.”

Larry Starr, VP of Engineering, Qualtré

“I have been using ANSYS, supplied by ROI (SimuTech - Canada), for more than 6 years, and have always been more than pleased with the level of support and commitment from every member of the staff I have dealt with. From the administration staff to technical support technicians, and even account managers, ROI personnel are always understanding and accommodating of my requests. Any questions or concerns that I may have are addressed promptly and thoroughly; on the occasion that a technical answer cannot readily be found by ROI, my request is passed directly on to ANSYS head-office for processing. I would highly recommend ROI as an ANSYS distributor and /or technical support consultant.”

Canadian Aerospace and Defense Customer

“SimuTech's efforts enabled us to not only highlight a critical design flaw in our system, but also quickly iterate to an effective solution. We know we can rely on SimuTech for highly specialized modeling and analytical expertise that can deliver results efficiently and effectively.”

Harry Rowland, Ph.D., V.P. of Engineering, Endotronix, Inc.