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Particle Simulation Consulting
For Heavy Equipment, Mining & Metal, Process & Agricultural Equipment Applications

Let our particle simulation consultants help solve your engineering challenges by simulating your designs.

  • Excavators and Dump Trucks
  • Mills and Crushers
  • Transfer Chutes and Elevators
  • Screening and Sorting
  • Coating
  • Drying and Heat Exchange
  • Controlling Discharge
  • Packaging Process
  • Mixing Equipment
  • Fertilizer Spreader, Soil Tillage and Harvester
  • Storage Silos
  • Conveyors

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SimuTech Group provides a complete range of DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) consulting services for bulk particle modeling and interactions using best-in-class Rocky DEM software technology. Our team of world class engineers work directly with Rocky OEM developers and support personnel to insure timely and high-fidelity analysis results on a fixed-cost or time and materials basis.

Please contact us for more details on how to solve your specific problem or applications.

DEM Particle Analysis applications may include:

  • Modeling hair or other foreign objects as flexible fiber in a vacuum system
  • Optimization of food coating (or seasoning) in an industrial drum roller
  • Mixing multiple materials or particles for QA/QC validation
  • Material crushing or sorting in an industrial heavy equipment system
  • Surface wear analysis for industrial drums, fins, blades, or other components etc.