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Forensic Engineering & Expert Witnesses for Attorneys & Legal Teams

Let our simulation consultants help with the investigation of your engineering related legal cases.

Our Forensic Engineering & Expert Witnesses Services:

  • Personal injury claims due to failure of consumer products
  • Liability and injury claims from industrial accidents and equipment failures
  • Design and patent infringement cases

When you need experienced forensic engineers to find the cause or fault of an accident or product failure, the team at SimuTech is here to help.

With more than 30 years spent as a trusted leader in the field of engineering simulation and physical testing, we have the tools and expertise needed to find the underlying issues behind accidents, product failures, and other design flaws when a trial seems inevitable.

SimuTech can help replicate and simulate events.

SimuTech's system for replicating events is based upon our engineering expertise combined with physical testing and cutting-edge computer simulation software, which we can use to accurately simulate dozens of factors, such as operating and catastrophic loads, temperature fluctuations, and even the movement of fluids such as air and water. This makes us the perfect choice to investigate or testify in cases that involve vehicles, equipment, spills, or structures.

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Our qualified team won't just give you detailed answers, but also expert witness testimony to determine things like:

  • The fault of a manufacturer or user in the event of an accident
  • The role of defects and design flaws in product failure
  • The reasonable fault of a business or individual in a liability suit
  • The steps needed to ensure that another accident or failure doesn't occur in the future
Forensic Engineering
Expert Engineering Witness

There is simply too much at stake to trust an unknown forensic engineering team to get the answers you need or help shed light on the truth in a court of law. Let us put our expertise with engineering simulations, physical testing and expert witnesses on your side.

Need answers about your case, or want to find out more about the forensic engineering process? Simply contact one of our local offices or use our contact form and a member of our team will get in touch within one business day.