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Engineering Simulation Consulting
for Structural & Thermal (FEA) Applications

Let our FEA consultants help solve your engineering challenges by simulating your designs.

  • Stress Analysis (stresses, strains, displacements) of Parts and Assemblies
  • Product and Design Iteration Validation
  • Fatigue and Durability
  • Failure Analysis
  • Expert Witness and Forensic Analysis
  • Dynamics Analysis – Shock, Seismic, Random Vibration
  • Drop & Impact Tests
  • Kinematics (Motion)
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Industry & Military Standards
    • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC)
    • ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance - 1 (NQA-1)

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Click on the area of interest (or scroll down) to learn more, including recent FEA projects that we have successufully completed for our clients.

Note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of FEA analyses that we can handle so if you do not find an exact match, then contact us to discuss your project in detail.

Static Structural Analyses

Static structural analyses permit the prediction of deflection, temperature, strain and stress distributions within a component / assembly. This is the most common analysis performed for verification / validation but does not mean that they are always simple in nature. These have evolved to include complex interactions within the analysis (contacts, joints, composites) to linking with other physics (fluid-structure, electromagnetic-structure). Significant performance insight into a component / assembly can be obtained from a static simulation.

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Stress Levels in a Flanged Autoclave Connection
Stress Levels in a Flanged Autoclave Connection
Thermal – Headlight Assembly
Thermal – Headlight Assembly
Response Surface
Response Surface
Complex Contact (ANSYS)
Complex Contact
Our FEA consultants' Recent Projects:
  • Once Through Steam Generator – Structural validation of finned tubes, tubesheets and supports for standard operating conditions as well as shipping and seismic. Analyses are performed using ASME guidelines (Power Generation).
  • Aircraft FLIR Turret Airworthiness – Structural validation of Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) for airworthiness requirements (Aerospace).
  • Tracked Construction Equipment Suspension System – Verification of tracked suspension system to customer’s requirements. Aspects investigated include standard operating and extreme utilization (Industrial Products)
  • Amusement Park Waterslide – Verification of primary structure to customer design requirements including operations, environmental and seismic.
  • Sub-Sea Pipeline – Estimation of collapse pressure on nanolaminated metal alloy pipeline (Oil & Gas)
  • LGA Socket – Investigation into 3D IC packaging requirements (Electronics)
  • IC Package Manufacture – Investigation into curing and chemical aging effects during molding (Electronics)
  • PBGA – Moisture absorption and desorption prediction during reflow (Electronics)
  • Traveling-Wave Reactor – Analysis of fuel assemble irradiation creep and swelling. (Power Generation)
  • Rail Car Wheel – Delamination and crack growth analysis for operational loading (Industrial Products)
  • Bone Implant – Non-linear analysis investigating implant insertion to join a fractured bone (Healthcare).
  • Stent Insertion – Nonlinear analysis of insertion process (Healthcare)
  • Large Forge Press – Investigation into cracking due to 5,000 ton force (Industrial Products)
  • Rubber Gasket - Sealing analysis using hyperelasticity, plasticity, mesh nonlinear adaptivity and fluid penetration (Industrial Products)

Related ANSYS FEA Software capabilities include:
  • Static buckling of structures
  • Rock and Soil Mechanics characterizations
  • Nonlinear Stress/Strain relationships such as elastoplastic, hyperelastic, temperature dependent, and coupled physics (piezoelectric)
  • Nonlinear contact of structures considering aspects such as bolt preload or initial gaps/interferences
  • Parametric Design to determine the sensitivity of a system to specific variables
  • Optimization of a system to meet specific design criteria
  • High performance computing

Dynamic Analyses

Dynamic analysis allows the user to account for the time dependent characteristics of their structure. For linear dynamics, the initial effort is often to determine the natural frequencies through a modal analysis. Results are then utilized in a harmonic, shock, seismic, random vibration or transient simulation to determine deflections, stresses and strains. For nonlinear dynamics, a direct transient simulation can be performed.

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Shaft Whirl
Shaft Whirl
Trolley Seismic Analysis
Trolley Seismic Analysis
Circuit Board Random Vibration
Circuit Board Random Vibration
Brake Squeal
Brake Squeal
  • Large Electronic Switch Seismic Response – A large pole mounted electronic switch was validated for structural integrity due to dynamic response from an earthquake event (Electronics).
  • Alcohol Process Equipment – The dynamic response of a mash feeder tube was investigated with regards to system excitation (Industrial Products).
  • Aerospace Component Shock and Random Vibration Analysis – Simulation of MIL Standard triangular wave shock and random vibration requirements (Aerospace)
  • Truck Bracket Random Vibration Response – Comparative fatigue investigation into truck cab step brackets subject to MIL-STD-810G random vibration (Industrial Products).
  • Multistage Compressor – Rotordynamics and resonance analysis (Power Generation).
  • Vehicle Accident – Reconstruction utilizing ANSYS LS-Dyna (Automotive)
  • Arch Gravity Dam – Seismic evaluation (Building Construction & HVAC)
  • Spillway Piers – Seismic stability and gate operability (Building Construction & HVAC)
  • Panama Canal Culvert Valve – Hydrodynamic analysis (Waste & Water)
  • Nuclear Plant – Analysis for tornado generated missile impact (Power Generation)
  • Engine Anti-Ice System – Random vibration evaluation for flight operation (Aerospace)
  • Marine Valve – Modal and acceleration investigation due to improper constraint (Industrial Products)
  • Jet Engine Sensor – Operating conditions dynamic analysis (Aerospace)

Related ANSYS FEA Software capabilities include:
  • Rotordynamics for power generation, transportation, electronics and process equipment.
  • Vibration isolation to minimize energy transmission to structures
  • Stress stiffening / spin softening to investigate impact to dynamic characteristics
  • Single and multi-point response spectrum
  • Vibro Accoustic analysis to determine sound response to excitation
  • High performance computing

Kinematic Analysis

A kinematic analysis is often considered when the motion or displacement of an assembly is dominated by the joints within the system. A kinematic analysis is considered rigid when deflections are totally characterized by the joints, or can be flexible, when the stiffness of the moving parts is taken into consideration.

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Typical Kinematic Joints
Typical Kinematic Joints
Construction Equipment Motion
Construction Equipment Motion
Suspension System Performance
Suspension System Performance
RBD Model with Contact of Gear Train
RBD Model with Contact of Gear Train
Robotic Arm End Position Showing Dynamic Oscillation
Robotic Arm End Position Showing Dynamic Oscillation
  • Power Generation Ducting Door Actuation – investigation into the drive power requirements for actuation of a large door used in the exhaust ducting of a gas power plant (Power Generation)
  • Linkage Acceleration – Investigation into industrial linkage acceleration motion to determine peak internal loading (Industrial Products)
  • Heavy Equipment Trailer Suspension – Simulation of tracked trailer suspension system under terrain loading (Industrial Products)
  • Airplane Landing Gear – Kinematic simulation to determine actuation forces for extension / retraction. Internal joint forces also generated for static structural analysis. Results were used for component fatigue evaluation (Aerospace)

Related ANSYS FEA Software capabilities include:
  • Critical point trace plot.
  • System level simulation to determine interaction with controls
  • Load cycle prediction for fatigue evaluation input
  • System stability / excitation
  • High performance computing

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

ANSYS FEA simulation is used extensively to show compliance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code. The advanced thermal and structural capabilities permit a high level of physics to be applied, generating confidence in results. For many systems, obtaining the accurate heat flow / temperature distribution is critical. ANSYS’ combined fluid /thermal / structural capabilities facilitate the simulation of complex systems.

Contact us to discuss your project: (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form.

ANXYS CFX Composite Pressure Vessel Simulation (ANSYS)
Composite Pressure Vessel Simulation
Detailed Flange Analysis
Detailed Flange Analysis
Bolted Flange Connection Simulation for Leakage (ANSYS)
Bolted Flange Connection Simulation for Leakage
Housing and Connections (ANSYS)
Housing and Connections
  • ASME Heat Exchanger Thermal – Simulation of fluid flow through heat exchanger to predict detailed temperature and pressure distributions (Industrial Products)
  • Gasketed Heat Exchanger Customization – Generation of customized scripts to automate the analysis of a gasketed heat exchanger (Industrial Products)
  • ASME Section VIII Div 3 Vessel Plastic Collapse – Analysis of pressure vessel componentry for ASME’s plastic collapse requirements (Power Generation)
  • Process Piping – Detailed FEA analysis for system validation to ASME B31.3, “Process Piping” (Power Generation)
  • ASME Review – Review of ASME B&PV Section VIII, Div 2 as applied to nozzle region of column pressure vessel.(Industrial Products)

Related ANSYS FEA Software capabilities include:
  • Stress linearization capabilities simply enable a user to take complex 3D stress results and generate in the form required for code checking
  • Fatigue of structure to ASME code requirements
  • Temperature dependent material properties for accurate system characterization
  • Gasket simulations
  • Bolt preload for flange validation
  • High performance computing


Composite simulations add an extra degree of complexity over other simulations. One can utilize dynamics, advanced non-linear capabilities and thermal, combined with additional factors of ply orientation, fibre/resin properties, draping, curing stresses, degradation fields, progressive failure and complex failure criteria. The ANSYS Composite Prep/Post module facilitates the generation and subsequent post processing of models. SimuTech Group’s expertise includes composite manufacturing processes, thin and thick composite capabilities, material experience, localized attachments and thermal.

Contact us to discuss your project: (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form.

Fluid Structure Interaction of Lightweight Composite Material
Fluid Structure Interaction of Lightweight Composite Material
Localized Ply Failure
Localized Ply Failure
Composite Peel and Delamination Prediction
Composite Peel and Delamination Prediction
Composite Impact
Composite Impact
  • Bird Strike – Investigation into bird impact into belly mounted radome considering composite variations due to environment / manufacturing (Aerospace)
  • Rotary Aircraft Panel Evaluation – Evaluation of composite helicopter panel for mounting of external surveillance equipment (Aerospace)
  • Tractor Trailer Rear Fairing Evaluation – Structural and dynamic evaluation of trailer fairing used for vehicle drag reduction (Industrial Products)
  • Waterpark Slide Substantiation – Detailed model of complete waterslide assembly for evaluation of rider, wind and seismic loading (Industrial Products)
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic Liners – Analysis of structure under exhaust gas loading (Power Generation)
  • Hopper Barge Frame Replacement – Feasibility study to replace steel frame with FRP composite panels (Industrial Products)
  • 4m-Class Composite Reflector Antenna – Analysis for survivability at extreme winds (Industrial Components)

Related ANSYS FEA Software capabilities include:
  • Optimization of structure
  • Thermal warping
  • Stress interaction failure criteria
  • Temperature dependent material properties
  • Core crushing
  • High performance computing

Thermal Analysis – Thermal Stress

Accurate prediction of temperature distributions is critical to performing a thermal stress analysis. Forces generated by thermal expansion can be significant and proper analysis techniques need to be implemented. With ANSYS’s capabilities in conduction, convection, radiation, temperature dependent material models, and internal heat generation, complex systems can be accurately simulated. These can be further advanced by performing FSI with a CFD model.

Contact us to discuss your project: (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form.

Circuit Board Temperature Distribution (ANSYS)
Circuit Board Temperature Distribution
Manifold FSI Thermal Analysis using HTC’s Mapped from CFD (ANSYS)
Manifold FSI Thermal Analysis using HTC’s Mapped from CFD
OUR FEA CONSULTANTS'  Recent Projects:
  • Power Generation Ducting Structure – Combined CFD with FEA to predict temperature distributions on high temperature ducting internal support structure (Power Generation)
  • Ammonia Plant Outlet Header Thermal Failure Investigation – Analysis of ammonia plant outlet header assembly to investigate cracking of pipe lining refractory (Industrial Products)
  • Battery Charging Case – Thermal analysis of battery charging case accounting for internal radiation and varying environmental conditions (Electronics)
  • High Voltage Switch – Combined electromagnetic / thermal analysis of switch to account for joule heating (Electronics)
  • Thermoelectric Generator – Transient response of energy harvesting system (Electronics).
  • Computer Chips – Determination of temperature distribution and heat flux with varying environmental conditions (Electronics)
  • Electronics Enclosure – Determination of temperature curves during high and low power settings with device charging (Electronics)
  • Power Plant Tube Wall Shielding Plate – Optimization of design to maintain temperatures and stresses in defined acceptable range (Power Generation)
  • Power Generating Device – Thermal optimization (Electronics)

Related ANSYS FEA software capabilities include:
  • Thermal warping
  • Thermal fatigue
  • Thermal shock
  • Temperature dependent material properties
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • High Performance Computing
  • Thermal prestressing
  • Thermo-electric

Durability and Fatigue – Failure Analysis

Component failures are often not due to a single event, but due to accumulative damage caused by a series of events. The typical fatigue process is to maintain stress / strain levels below the allowable for the required number of cycles. Multiple loads often occur and will have a different cycle requirement. ANSYS Fatigue, or the more advanced nCODE can predict the component life. An alternative approach is to understand that a crack exists in the component. The crack is analyzed to determine whether it will propagate, and if so, at what rate.

Contact us to discuss your project: (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form.

Multi-Axial Stress Fatigue Life (ANSYS)
Multi-Axial Stress Fatigue Life
Seam Weld Fatigue Life
Seam Weld Fatigue Life
Trailer Hitch Life Prediction
Trailer Hitch Life Prediction
Crack Modeling at Stress Concentrator
Crack Modeling at Stress Concentrator
Composite Plate Progressive Damage
Composite Plate Progressive Damage
  • Nuclear Reactor System Head Crack Propagation – Performed fracture mechanics simulations to propagate crack in a reactor system flat header subject to thermal and pressure cycling (Power Generation)
  • Power Generation Support Bracket Fatigue Evaluation – Investigated low and high cycle fatigue on silencer baffle support bracket for thermal and operational loading (Power Generation)
  • Oil Sands Conveyor Link Life Investigation – Analyzed large conveyor chain link for comparative fatigue loading (Oil & Gas)
  • Aerospace V-Coupling Fatigue – Evaluation of circular V-coupling (clamp) for preload, pressure and thermal loading (Aerospace)
  • Aerial Work Platform – Weld fatigue evaluation (Industrial Products)
  • BGA & LGA – Solder joint reliability analysis (Electronics)
  • Mold Die – Fatigue analysis to determine early life failure (Industrial Products)
  • Airplane Landing Gear – Determination of maintenance times for landing gear due to extension / retraction (Aerospace)

Related ANSYS FEA Software capabilities include:
  • Life optimization
  • Multiphysics
  • High Performance Computing
  • Data management
  • Durability


Markets have become significantly more competitive and having small gains in performance can make or break success. Optimization can be measure in many ways, cost, weight, deflection, pressure drop and life are but a few. By either parameterization or topological optimization designs can be improved to their maximum potential.

The siblings to optimization are sensitivity and robustness. Some designs may have great performance under ideal manufacturing and environmental conditions, but minor variations quickly degrade this. Often the best design isn’t the one that has the best performance for one condition, but has good performance over a variety of conditions. It should be noted that this can be used to reduce costs as well. Maintaining tight machine tolerances will increase costs. It the design is not sensitive to this variable, these can be opened up.

Contact us to discuss your project: (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form.

Wheel Rim Topological Optimization (ANSYS)
Wheel Rim Topological Optimization
  Response Surface (ANSYS)
Response Surface
Sensitivity Study (ANSYS)
Sensitivity Study
  • Steel Diaphragm – Maximization of deflection under pressure load, while minimizing stress (Industrial Products)
  • Power Plant Frame – Structural optimization (Power Generation)
  • Power Generating Device – Optimization under thermal and structural loads (Electronics)

Related ANSYS FEA Software capabilities include:
  • System Simulation
  • Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Adjoint Solver
  • Mesh Morphing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Optimetrics
  • Correlation Matrix
  • Goal Driven Optimization

Industry and Military Standards

A common request from our FEA consulting customers is the need to comply with one (or more) industry and/or military technical standards such as:

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), Section VIII, Divisions 1, 2 and 3 - Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), Section II - Materials
  • ASME B31.1 - Power Piping
  • ASME B31.3 - Process Piping
  • WRC 107 - Local Stresses In Spherical And Cylindrical Shells Due To External Loadings
  • WRC 297 - Local Stresses In Cylindrical Shells Due To External Loadings On Nozzles
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), Section III - Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulations, Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations (10CFR)
  • ASCE 4-98 - Seismic Analysis of Safety-Related Nuclear Structures and Commentary
  • ASCE 7-10 - Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
  • ASCE 43-05 - Seismic Design Criteria for Structures, Systems, and Components in Nuclear Facilities

Our FEA simulation consultants and the ANSYS structural simulation tools can demonstrate that your products are in compliance.

Contact us to discuss your project: (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form.