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ANSYS Customization Services

To discuss your customization project, please contact our team at (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form.

Why use Customization?

Many companies are using ANSYS customization to configure their simulation software to better fit their engineering workflows.

SimuTech can help you simplify this process so you can focus more on engineering your products and less on customizing your software.

SimuTech can help you with a variety of customizations:

  • Creating apps to automate your routine workflows
  • Tailoring specialized processes to your requirements
  • Developing business-specific applications
  • Integrating third-party tools and data with the ANSYS product line

See our examples below for an overview of how customization can help make your job easier.

Let’s work together to leverage your software investment with ANSYS customization.

The “Applification” of Simulation

Developing templates is a trend in the CAE industry.
Read the Digital Engineering article …

What Our Customers Say:

Harry Tournay, Senior Scientist, Transportation Technology Center (TTCI), Pueblo, CO“SimuTech provided answers where and when such answers would otherwise have been difficult to obtain.”

Harry Tournay, Senior Scientist, Transportation Technology Center

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Contact us to discuss your project: (800) 566-9190, or use our contact form

ANSYS Customization Services

Click on the area of interest (or scroll down) to learn more about the possibilities that our services and the ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit (ACT) offers, including recent customization projects we have successfully completed for our clients. This is just a sample of the customization projects we can help you with, so if you don’t find an exact match, contact us to discuss your request in detail.

Process Compression

Tasks automation

Many companies repeatedly perform the same analyses for a variety of similar products that require the exact same tasks. With a little customization, those repetitive tasks can be automated, reducing hours of repetitive work to just a few clicks. Then you can focus only on the important design choices. Complete your setup and projects more quickly and see a quicker return on your investment with customization.

Best practice capture and distribution

simulation wizards

Companies with well-established design and engineering procedures can ensure engineers follow established design and engineering procedures with a simulation wizard. Launch the process from the project page or directly in an application like SpaceClaim®, Mechanical™, Fluent® or Electronics Desktop™. The wizard guides users through the appropriate steps.

Feature Creation

HoneyComb Creator

HoneyComb Creator (ANSYS AppStore)

Is there a piece of geometry used in every model built in your company? Using ANSYS customization, these geometries can be created automatically using parameterized routines in both SpaceClaim and DesignModeler™.

Simulation Workflow Integration

Workflow and in-house tools integration

Integration of Cubit Mesher

Integration of the CUBIT mesher

External applications and processes can be integrated into the ANSYS Workbench™ workflow. Create your own Workbench custom systems to facilitate interaction with the Workbench project schematic or other programs within the Workbench suite. Take advantage of the Workbench project schematic features by establishing links with standard built-in tasks or exposing parameters for DOE studies.

APDL Macro Conversion

APDL Macro Conversion

Many longtime ANSYS users have distributed various APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) routines to their engineers. These routines set up geometry, mesh, boundary conditions, and results based on established method. With customization, these APDL codes can be made into features or objects within ANSYS Workbench so that a single button click in the toolbar replaces the string of APDL commands. These features or objects will function with the same look and feel as standard objects, enabling geometry scoping, parameterized values, table definition, and visualization.

Visit the ANSYS App Store to discover available apps: most are free.

Here are the ones that we have developed. Click on the links below to download them from the App Store:

Sample Customization Projects

Toolbar for Automation

Customization type: Process automation (DM and Mechanical)
Sometimes the most challenging part of a consulting project is not the physics itself, but the ability to get results in time. In this case, the semi-automated workflow designed here with a dedicated toolbar for pre- and post-processing enabled our customer to deliver results quickly and more efficiently.

Imagine the time normally spent to create hundreds of objects like line bodies and joint boundary conditions, and to extract results in a reliable way. Tasks like these are almost impossible without automation.

Link with Excel

Customization type: Process automation, workflow integration (Excel, DM and Mechanical)
Microsoft Excel can also be used to trigger some ANSYS analyses. In this example, Excel is used to generate a design in DesignModeler.

Many load cases are automatically set up and run in Mechanical, then the results are exported back to Excel, where complex combinations determine industry standard safety factors.

Custom Interface

Customization type: Feature creation and Process Automation (DM and Mechanical)
New ANSYS users sometimes repeat cumbersome processes, but customization can help.

Improved ease-of-use is achieved through:
  • Custom interface that links to external data to automatically create the geometry
  • Simulation wizard to guide the user step by step
  • Custom post-processing objects that generate and plot the desired specific criteria (safety factors)