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Elements: An Engineering Simulation Blog

Serving the engineering simulation community and ANSYS and Rocky DEM users by sharing news, workshops, seminars, training, webinars, tips & tricks, and more.

SimuTech consulting can move your project forward—fast. Here’s how.

If you’re struggling to complete or figure out the simulation analyses needed for an engineering or design project, if you’re lacking the time, expertise, or personnel time you need, or if you’re simply working on a hot project that needs solving now, SimuTech’s Engineering Simulation Consulting services can help. We’re experts in FEA, CFD, and electrical analyses, so we can help you make your products the best they can be.

SimuTech Group Engineer Jason ZbickHow do you go about working with us? Here’s the process:

  1. Contact us for FEA, CFD, and electrical analyses. Your time is valuable, so we aim to return inquiries within 30 minutes.
  2. We’ll set up an initial phone call with you to make sure we connect you with the exact resources you need.
  3. You provide us with your specs: a 3D CAD model or drawings, material properties, and details on the project problem you’re working on—what you’re trying to figure out, the operating conditions, and the loads.
  4. We write up a proposal for you to sign. Proposals can be fixed cost/fixed scope, or if you need more of an R&D project, the proposal can reflect time and materials.
  5. You send us a PO.
  6. We get started!
  7. Finally, we provide you a report and other deliverables.

Why choose SimuTech?

We’re engineers first and foremost. Our consultants have real-world know-how—and industry expertise--in the same issues you’re grappling with. Our engineers bring experiences from top companies in many industries: aerospace, automotive, forensics, power generation, water and waste, and more. And we’re ITAR- and CGP-certified.

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New ANSYS 19.2 release offers Fluent improvements for faster CFD

ANSYS 19.2 Release

ANSYS 19.2 is now available for download from the ANSYS Customer Portal (registration & log-in required).

The big news with the release of 19.2 concerns ANSYS Fluent.

Over the last two years, the Fluids business unit at ANSYS, Inc. has undertaken a large initiative to overhaul the Fluent user experience and workflow with these goals in mind:

  • Provide a complete, integrated CAD-to-Post solution in Fluent
  • Streamline the Fluent meshing workflow for generating a mesh from imported CAD
  • Remove usability barriers for common tasks that frustrate users and waste their time

With ANSYS 19.2, they are delivering on these goals by releasing a task-based workflow with Mosaic Meshing that speeds up CFD simulations and helps engineers get accurate results with less training.

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Conversation with Ken Lally, Owner & Director, SimuTech Group

Ken Lally, Owner & Director, SimuTech GroupCan you share a little about your background, education, where you grew up, what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Growing up, I was always interested in hands-on activities creating things – woodworking, construction, design, and so on. By the time I was in high school, I knew that I enjoyed math and science, and as I learned about the engineering profession, I quickly zeroed in on engineering as my college course of education.

I grew up in western New York—the Buffalo area—and went to school in northern New York. I graduated as a chemical engineer at Clarkson University, followed up by an MBA at University of Rochester. Because engineering is a way of thinking and looking at problems, I found that this allowed for me to also perform mechanical engineering work. This combination of skills was the technical component of my first job role in applications engineering for ten years.

Ultimately, I found that my biggest contributions resulted from evaluating the impact of work that others produced, or finding opportunities in the marketplace or even internally within an organization…trying to find out what would work, what can we make happen? Where should we invest our time, effort, and resources? This awareness and ability to realistically evaluate business potential eventually lead me to purchase and develop the business of the precursor to SimuTech Group.

Tell us about your vision for SimuTech.

Numerical simulation, and ANSYS software specifically, are the core of our business. The simulation is supported by physical testing where needed to quantify loads and boundary conditions. Every day we give customers our unbiased expertise and opinions to help them design their products most effectively. We partner with clients as trusted advisors, not trying to force one solution—bringing the best of simulation, or physical testing when appropriate, or a combination of both.

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Modeling Bolted Connections

Modeling Bolted ConnectionsMany methods are available to model bolts. What are the best ways ANSYS simulation software can help engineers with bolt simulation, and how might an engineer approach bolt projects?

In this recorded webinar, Tyler Coffey, SimuTech FEA Consulting Engineer, shares his expertise using ANSYS Workbench™ in models that…
  • Use bonded contact to attach the parts (bolts not included)
  • Use beam elements to model the bolts
  • Use solid elements to model the bolts but do not model the threads
  • Include the threads in modeling
Click to watch the recorded webinar, and download the presentation slides and models.
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FEA Best Practices Video Series

New to FEA or simulation tools in general? Our training videos can help.

This eight-video course is geared toward engineers and engineering managers. While the course includes information on ANSYS FEA, this series is also a good primer for understanding FEA as an important tool for accurate design, whichever commercial code you’re using (ABAQUS, NASTRAN).

We’ll discuss element theory, element types, preprocessing, solution, and postprocessing, and much more. Watch the introductory video (see below) at no charge for more details on what’s covered.

All of the videos in this course may be viewed in SimuTrain, our subscription-based portal. SimuTrain provides 24/7 access to lots of ANSYS-related training materials like this FEA series, plus more “best practice” videos, our popular Quick Start videos, and much more.

Interested? Request a free trial or contact your local SimuTech office.

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