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Eric Underwood

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Test vs analysis? Better yet, both!

Rolf Orsagh, Testing Services Manager - Strain Gage InstallationRolf Orsagh
Testing Services Manager
Strain Gage Installation
Most of you know us as your ANSYS software and service provider. While ANSYS certainly represents the focus of our business, it’s not all that we do. Another way we serve our clients is through our physical testing team.

Our physical test team has worked not only across North America, but throughout Europe and Asia and with many industry sectors. For example, our testing experts were key in developing and deploying a digital twin model employed on a turbine for a Middle Eastern power plant.

Given that most of you work mainly with simulation, why are we bringing testing to your attention?

A goal of simulation is to reduce physical prototype testing, but physical testing still has a role in product development and failure investigations. In fact, physical models can work hand-in-hand with simulation in many cases.

Several of these cases are detailed in a webinar we hosted this past September. Rolf Orsagh (Testing Services Manager) and Todd Nichols (Analysis Engineering Manager) discussed …

  • An oven conveyor system’s chain link failures
  • An aircraft ground vibration test and how to estimate the natural frequencies and mode shapes on an aircraft in flight
  • An electric motor acoustic signature and its problematic noise SPL
  • An electrical switch mechanism failure investigation
  • An air pump housing failure (crack) investigation
  • An oven fan failure (crack) investigation

To learn more about each of these cases, plus watch a general overview of physical testing methods and learn how to correlate your results with simulation, view our webinar:

Test vs analysis, or better yet both! (Click link)

By combining experts in simulation and physical testing, SimuTech is in a unique position to help our customers deliver better products, optimize their designs, and determine why products are failing.

To learn more about our physical testing services, please visit our testing services webpage.

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