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Engineering Students: Get ANSYS Training to Help Land Your Dream Job

ANSYS StudentFor decades, SimuTech Group and ANSYS have been strong advocates of engineering colleges and universities throughout North America. In fact, SimuTech proudly supports over 200 engineering programs.

Sometimes, this support goes well beyond providing ANSYS software. For example, SimuTech Group and École de technologie supérieure in Montreal, Quebec have partnered on an experimental validation of the distortion prediction capability of ANSYS Additive Print. The project, co-led by SimuTech FEA Consulting Engineer Charles Simoneau, was featured at various events in 2019: CASI AERO 2019 Conference, NSERC HI-AM Conference 2019, NAFEMS World Congress 2019 and Additive Manufacturing Conference and Expo 2019.

Also, our VP of Engineering Services, Butch Vision, has mentored engineering students involved with the UWashington Formula Motorsports (FSAE) team at the University of Washington in Seattle as detailed in our press release. “I feel that it’s important to help students as much as I can, given how important engineering is and how beneficial real-life engineering problem-solving skills are,” said Vision.

Finally, many of our technical workshops and seminars are hosted at universities, which allows students to attend and meet not only SimuTech engineers but working engineers from various industries.

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Latest ANSYS release 2019 R3 offers coupled field analysis, Granta MDS, and more

The latest ANSYS® release, 2019 R3, offers several new features our clients might be interested in.

ANSYS 2019 R3 release ANSYS Software - 3D Design3-D Design

Discovery™ Live now has an interactive topology optimization tool that allows for generative design and improved functionality for simulations, including mass flow outlets and time-varying inputs.

SpaceClaim® now offers automatic surface reconstruction from faceted geometry, converting triangle-based models into CAD models for generative design and reverse engineering. Visualizations have improved, too.

Finally, support for structural beams, linear buckling capabilities, and physics-aware meshing enhancements are now available in Discovery™ AIM®.


ANSYS Software - Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing

With a new build processor, you can export a build file directly to an AM machine with ANSYS Additive Prep.


ANSYS Software - ElectromagneticsElectromagnetics

Clients using ANSYS® HFSS™, ANSYS® Maxwell®, and ANSYS® Q3D Extractor® have the benefits of high-powered computing from the ANSYS Cloud. With new capabilities for modeling and post-processing, ANSYS HFSS and ANSYS HFSS SBR+ provide even better autonomous system simulation for radar cross-section scenarios. And ANSYS HFSS SBR+ now offers creeping wave physics.


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