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SimuTech consulting can move your project forward—fast. Here’s how.

If you’re struggling to complete or figure out the simulation analyses needed for an engineering or design project, if you’re lacking the time, expertise, or personnel time you need, or if you’re simply working on a hot project that needs solving now, SimuTech’s Engineering Simulation Consulting services can help. We’re experts in FEA, CFD, and electrical analyses, so we can help you make your products the best they can be.

SimuTech Group Engineer Jason ZbickHow do you go about working with us? Here’s the process:

  1. Contact us for FEA, CFD, and electrical analyses. Your time is valuable, so we aim to return inquiries within 30 minutes.
  2. We’ll set up an initial phone call with you to make sure we connect you with the exact resources you need.
  3. You provide us with your specs: a 3D CAD model or drawings, material properties, and details on the project problem you’re working on—what you’re trying to figure out, the operating conditions, and the loads.
  4. We write up a proposal for you to sign. Proposals can be fixed cost/fixed scope, or if you need more of an R&D project, the proposal can reflect time and materials.
  5. You send us a PO.
  6. We get started!
  7. Finally, we provide you a report and other deliverables.

Why choose SimuTech?

We’re engineers first and foremost. Our consultants have real-world know-how—and industry expertise--in the same issues you’re grappling with. Our engineers bring experiences from top companies in many industries: aerospace, automotive, forensics, power generation, water and waste, and more. And we’re ITAR- and CGP-certified.

Second, we’re also a leading ANSYS Channel Partner, well-versed in ANSYS engineering simulation software, so we can help you arrive at the best results as quickly as possible, minimizing costs.

Third, we marry simulation with testing. If you don’t yet know the loads or operating conditions, our testing group may be able to help you determine the data that’s needed for the best analysis possible.

Finally, we offer multiphysics consulting: fluid-structure interaction (FSI), thermal-structural analysis, and electromagnetic-thermal-structural analyses. For example, we’ve recently completed digital twin CAE development of a motor via experimental correlation, electrical, electomechanical, structural, and vibroacoustic analyses.

Interested? Contact us today for FEA, CFD, and electrical analyses. And for more examples visit our successful client projects and testimonials pages.

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