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Eric Underwood

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Rocky DEM 4.3 - Unmatched ANSYS CFD integration and fiber modeling

Rocky 4.3 new release

This latest release of Rocky DEM builds upon innovative multi-core and multi-GPU engines providing unmatched ANSYS CFD integration and fiber modeling.

It also expands the range of multiphysics particle-dynamics simulation with improved features and new models.

  • ANSYS CFD Integration Improvements
    • Coarse Grain Model (CGM)
    • Liquid Film and Bridge Model
  • Plastic Fiber Deformation
  • Discrete Breakage (available for fiber, shell and solid particles)
  • Volume Filling Particle Initialization
  • Unified Particle and Boundary Collision Statistics
  • Contact Data Visualization and Post-Processing
  • Ray Tracing for Particle Coating Analysis

Learn more about this latest release by viewing the official Rocky DEM 4.3 press release or the Rocky DEM 4.3 update webinar.

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