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2020 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition ... Enter Today!

ANSYS Hall of Fame


Take your place among the best ANSYS simulation users in the world by entering the 2020 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition today!

Now in its 11th year, the ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition is the premiere showcase for excellence in engineering simulation.

Take this opportunity for a chance to be inducted into the prestigious ANSYS Hall of Fame by entering your best, most eye-catching ANSYS simulation graphics or videos.

Six winners (three commercial and three academic) will receive a new iPad Pro as an award. All entrants will receive an engineering excellence certificate to acknowledge their outstanding achievements in engineering simulation.

Get started today by entering the 2020 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition (click link) as the deadline for entries has just been extended to November 12 at 11:59 PM EST.

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ANSYS Plans to Acquire Livermore Software Technology Corporation—What that Means for You

LS-DYNA truck crashOn September 11, 2019, ANSYS, Inc. announced plans to acquire Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), the developers of LS-DYNA. Here’s what that means for you, our customers.

When the acquisition is complete, LS-DYNA will be forever included in the ANSYS software suite. That means that you’ll always have access to LS-DYNA’s explicit dynamics and other FEA analysis capabilities, including:

  • Drop tests
  • Metal forming processes
  • Explosions
  • Impacts
    • car crashes, including the vehicle structure and all components and a variety of materials (plastics, fabric, foam)
    • bird strikes, helpful in aerospace companies
    • blade containment
    • sports equipment such as golf clubs and football helmets

“ANSYS LS-DYNA is one of the premier explicit solvers. We have been relying on it regularly for various analyses such as drop test, metal forming, projectile impact, and vehicle crash simulations,” says Butch Vision, SimuTech VP of Engineering.

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Latest ANSYS release 2019 R3 offers coupled field analysis, Granta MDS, and more

The latest ANSYS® release, 2019 R3, offers several new features our clients might be interested in.

ANSYS 2019 R3 release ANSYS Software - 3D Design3-D Design

Discovery™ Live now has an interactive topology optimization tool that allows for generative design and improved functionality for simulations, including mass flow outlets and time-varying inputs.

SpaceClaim® now offers automatic surface reconstruction from faceted geometry, converting triangle-based models into CAD models for generative design and reverse engineering. Visualizations have improved, too.

Finally, support for structural beams, linear buckling capabilities, and physics-aware meshing enhancements are now available in Discovery™ AIM®.


ANSYS Software - Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing

With a new build processor, you can export a build file directly to an AM machine with ANSYS Additive Prep.


ANSYS Software - ElectromagneticsElectromagnetics

Clients using ANSYS® HFSS™, ANSYS® Maxwell®, and ANSYS® Q3D Extractor® have the benefits of high-powered computing from the ANSYS Cloud. With new capabilities for modeling and post-processing, ANSYS HFSS and ANSYS HFSS SBR+ provide even better autonomous system simulation for radar cross-section scenarios. And ANSYS HFSS SBR+ now offers creeping wave physics.


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How to Borrow ANSYS Licenses for Maximum Productivity

ANSYS Borrow UtilityMost of our customers, especially medium-to-large organizations, keep ANSYS® software licenses on a corporate network server. This network-enabled (floating) licensing allows engineers across the organization to have access when they need it.

Each organization has different needs for ANSYS products. One organization might be involved exclusively with structural analyses, so they need multiple seats of ANSYS® Mechanical™ Workbench™. Another organization might be focused on electric motor design and need a mix of ANSYS Mechanical Workbench, ANSYS® Fluent®, and ANSYS® Maxwell®.

Sharing licenses across a corporate network works great, but everyone must be connected to the network. A license is “checked out” when an ANSYS session is started up and “checked in” once the session is closed. This “checked out/in” process is controlled by the ANSYS License Manager utility on the corporate network.

However, an engineer may need access to a license while he or she is away from the office (e.g traveling to a customer site). The engineer can then “borrow” or “check out” a license for a certain period of time, but that license it is not available to the other engineers during that extended period.

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SimuTech and ANSYS Help Solar Startup Tessolar Accelerate

Thanks to SimuTech and ANSYS, Inc.’s Startup Program, solar startup Tessolar is simulating its solar mounting systems more quickly and accurately—at a lower level of financial investment and with full support of SimuTech experts.

Yang Jin – Tessolar – Lead Product AnalystYang Jin
Lead Product Analyst
Tessolar is developing the world’s first structural composite solar module mounting system.The company’s engineers needed to reduce parts, lower costs, simplify installation while maintaining structural integrity, and understand the failure and load-bearing capabilities under various wind and snow conditions. They also needed to simulate materials property changes that may happen across 25 years of exposure to UV light, temperature, and moisture.

To help Tessolar solve their challenges, SimuTech led Yang Jin, Tessolar lead design analyst, to Discovery Live for Topology Optimization--something Jin didn’t realize was part of the Startup Program. “I gave her temporary access to SimuTrain where she could view our videos and tips and tricks. Yang also connected regularly with our engineers as she was getting more familiar with ANSYS FEA and Discovery Live. We also sent her timely info on relevant ANSYS webinars for Mechanical and Discovery Live updates,” says Steven Lee, SimuTech Business Development Manager.

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