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Conversation with Ken Lally, Owner & Director, SimuTech Group

Ken Lally, Owner & Director, SimuTech GroupCan you share a little about your background, education, where you grew up, what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Growing up, I was always interested in hands-on activities creating things – woodworking, construction, design, and so on. By the time I was in high school, I knew that I enjoyed math and science, and as I learned about the engineering profession, I quickly zeroed in on engineering as my college course of education.

I grew up in western New York—the Buffalo area—and went to school in northern New York. I graduated as a chemical engineer at Clarkson University, followed up by an MBA at University of Rochester. Because engineering is a way of thinking and looking at problems, I found that this allowed for me to also perform mechanical engineering work. This combination of skills was the technical component of my first job role in applications engineering for ten years.

Ultimately, I found that my biggest contributions resulted from evaluating the impact of work that others produced, or finding opportunities in the marketplace or even internally within an organization…trying to find out what would work, what can we make happen? Where should we invest our time, effort, and resources? This awareness and ability to realistically evaluate business potential eventually lead me to purchase and develop the business of the precursor to SimuTech Group.

Tell us about your vision for SimuTech.

Numerical simulation, and ANSYS software specifically, are the core of our business. The simulation is supported by physical testing where needed to quantify loads and boundary conditions. Every day we give customers our unbiased expertise and opinions to help them design their products most effectively. We partner with clients as trusted advisors, not trying to force one solution—bringing the best of simulation, or physical testing when appropriate, or a combination of both.

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