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Eric Underwood

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ANSYS Plans to Acquire Livermore Software Technology Corporation—What that Means for You

LS-DYNA truck crashOn September 11, 2019, ANSYS, Inc. announced plans to acquire Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), the developers of LS-DYNA. Here’s what that means for you, our customers.

When the acquisition is complete, LS-DYNA will be forever included in the ANSYS software suite. That means that you’ll always have access to LS-DYNA’s explicit dynamics and other FEA analysis capabilities, including:

  • Drop tests
  • Metal forming processes
  • Explosions
  • Impacts
    • car crashes, including the vehicle structure and all components and a variety of materials (plastics, fabric, foam)
    • bird strikes, helpful in aerospace companies
    • blade containment
    • sports equipment such as golf clubs and football helmets

“ANSYS LS-DYNA is one of the premier explicit solvers. We have been relying on it regularly for various analyses such as drop test, metal forming, projectile impact, and vehicle crash simulations,” says Butch Vision, SimuTech VP of Engineering.

The acquisition may be a boon for autonomous and electric vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, bringing together ANSYS’s autonomous vehicle simulation platform and LS-DYNA’s twenty-five years serving the automotive industry. (SimuTech and ANSYS are already part of the autonomous vehicle revolution—read more here.)

If you’d like more information on how LS-DYNA can work for you, contact us today at (800) 566-9190 or , and consider our FEA302 course, which features an introduction to ANSYS LS-DYNA.

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