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ANSYS Startup Program

ANSYS Startup
If you qualify, receive discounted simulation software from ANSYS, Inc. and support from SimuTech Group to help get your company and products off the ground and into the market.

With complete access to simulation software bundles, the ANSYS Startup Program is designed to assist entrepreneurs like you in growing your business efficiently and rapidly. Limited funding and little or no revenue are common in the early stages of building a business.

ANSYS simulation solutions assist your startup business in achieving its potential with minimal initial investment. ANSYS, Inc. and SimuTech Group aim to partner with the startups of today to help them become tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

Gain instant access to ANSYS solutions and build virtual prototypes as a partner in the Startup Program. With simulation, you can test and modify your new products hundreds of times in the same time you could test and build a single physical prototype. Save money and time as you perfect your design. You’ll gain full access to our wide portfolio of multiphysics simulation bundles, which includes the Structural and Fluids bundle as well as the Electromagnetics bundle. Even better, you’ll have opportunities for marketing with ANSYS, plus access to self-guided support via the Customer Portal.

First, let's see if you qualify as a Startup or an Incubator:

You qualify as a Startup if you’re…

  • Privately held
  • A firm with less than US $5 million a year in revenue
  • Not a consulting or services firm
  • A firm without consulting services in your business model
  • Less than ten (10) years old

Learn more by downloading pdfStartup Flyer

You qualify as an Incubator if you’re…

  • An accelerator or incubator
  • A provider of support to startups
  • Working with startups that are privately held, generating less than US $5 million in revenue a year, and less than five years old

Learn more by downloading pdfIncubator Flyer

If you meet these guidelines for a startup or an incubator…

Please provide your information below and a SimuTech representative will contact you to explain more about the program and its benefits.

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