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ANSYS semiconductors softwareSemiconductors Software

Semiconductor manufacturing and design innovations are driving the revolution in smart products via smaller device architectures and more energy-efficient devices. Especially in the new 3D-IC, stacked-die, and FinFET architectures, shrinking geometries mean design challenges in power and reliability, which impact design closure. Achieve the accuracy and performance you need to determine the power noise integrity and reliability of complex ICs with ANSYS software for modeling and simulation (including thermal effects, electrostatic discharge phenomena, and electromigration.)

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Semiconductors Applications

ANSYS Semiconductors Products

pdfRedHawk(1.5 MB)

As the de facto standard power integrity and reliability solution, ANSYS RedHawk accurately predicts chip power and noise using voltage drop simulation analysis for the entire power delivery network (PDN), from chip to package to board.

pdfTotem(2.4 MB)

ANSYS Totem is a transistor-level power noise and reliability simulation platform for analog, mixed-signal and custom digital designs.

pdfPowerArtist(780 KB)

ANSYS PowerArtist provides early RTL power estimation and analysis-driven power reduction for RTL-to-GDS design for power methodology.

pdfPathFinder(1.8 MB)

ANSYS PathFinder simulates electrostatic discharge (ESD) in full-chip SoC and IP designs for planning, verification and sign-off.

pdfRedHawk-SC(1 MB)

RedHawk-SC is the next-generation SoC power noise signoff platform to enable sub-16nm design success. RedHawk-SC is built on ANSYS SeaScape, the world's first custom-designed, big data architecture for electronic system design and simulation.

pdfPath FX(1 MB)

Path FX complements existing sign-off and physical design flows. It has the performance to evaluate all of the timing paths and clock trees in a SoC for delay and variance for even the largest designs.

Variance FX

Variance FX provides the most complete variation models for standard cells and custom macros. It creates both delay and constraint derates and .lib timing models for entire libraries.