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ANSYS Workbench TrainingWorkbench Platform software

Gain higher productivity from integrated applications that leverage common and compatible data models with ANSYS Workbench. The Workbench platform is the backbone for an integrated, comprehensive simulation system that provides access to systems-level and multiphysics insights that were unattainable before. Workbench addresses the compatibility problems—data, software, and hardware—found in many standalone applications. The result: lower support costs, lower total ownership costs, and greater reliability.

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ANSYS Platform Products

pdfANSYS Cloud(725 KB)

The fixed resources on desktop or cluster computers have limited engineering simulation capabilities for years. However, with today’s cloud computing, you can gain the high-performance computing (HPC) capacity you need to obtain rapid, high-fidelity results and insights.

ANSYS® Cloud offers the combined benefits of cloud computing and world-class engineering simulation. Engineers can easily, securely, and directly access HPC in the cloud within ANSYS Mechanical™ and ANSYS Fluent®. No additional setup is needed—simply access the hardware and software you need whenever you need it. You pay only for what you use.

pdfMultiphysics Simulation(650 KB)

Modern products are complex. A detailed understanding of how they perform is key to ensuring safe and reliable function. Fluid forces, thermal effects, structural integrity and electromagnetic radiation can all impact performance. If you isolate these forces and examine them separately, you may not get an accurate prediction of product behavior.

pdfDesignXplorer(3.5 MB)

ANSYS DesignXplorer is an integrated Workbench application that leverages the persistent and automated power of ANSYS Workbench for parametric analyses.

pdfoptiSLang(120 KB)

ANSYS optiSLang is a design exploration and optimization tool integrated into Workbench that enables engineers and designers to improve and validate product designs with a minimum number of design points.

pdfHigh-Performance Computing(850 KB)

High-performance computing (HPC) adds tremendous value to engineering simulation by enabling the creation of large, high-fidelity models that yield accurate and detailed insight into the performance of a proposed design.

pdfEKM(1 MB)

ANSYS EKM is a comprehensive, intuitive, end-to-end support system designed with a special focus on the scale, scope, and purpose of CAE.


ANSYS ACT helps you to customize the many powerful engineering simulation software tools in ANSYS Workbench to precisely fit your processes and needs.

pdfMeshing(3.4 MB)

ANSYS Meshing is a general purpose, intelligent, automated high-performance product. It produces the most appropriate mesh for accurate, efficient multiphysics solutions.

pdfEnsight(10 MB)

ANSYS EnSight is more than the leading post-processor and visualization software program: It is a data fusion program. It consolidates data from multiple engineering simulations and other sources to help explore and explain complex systems and processes. It handles simulation data from a wide range of physics from fluids, structures, particles, crash, electromagnetics and more. And it imports data from experiments, wind tunnels, imaging systems like MRI, and images and animations.