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The products we design and build today are subject to many physical forces at the same time: thermal effects, fluid forces, electromagnetic radiation, and structural integrity can impact performance and processes. Isolating the multiple forces might not provide an an accurate prediction of behavior. With ANSYS software for multiphysics, engineers can analyze effects both in isolation and in combination to achieve the highest fidelity solution. ANSYS solver technology is proven to be reliable, and applying it to multiphysics simulation is the next logical step.

To begin your exploration of ANSYS multiphysics solutions, take a look at the related information below or download the ANSYS Capabilities Matrix (1 MB). com/ansys_17_capabilities

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Multiphysics Applications

ANSYS Multiphysics Products


The breadth of ANSYS physics in a single, easy-to-use environment for all engineers.

Multiphysics Platform

Combine the breadth and depth of ANSYS flagship products in multiphysics simulations.