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ANSYS computational fluid dynamics CFD softwareComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software

To optimize the efficiency of products and processes, predicting and controlling fluid flow is critical. ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions give you confidence in the optimal performance of your product even before you make the first prototype. With ANSYS CFD software, you can model and simulate all fluid processes, including fluid-structure multiphysics interactions. Projects well-suited to this powerful software include automobile engine gas combustion, chemical solution movement through pores in a shale gas formation, jet engine turbine air passage, and heat transfer among printed circuit board components.

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Fluid Applications

ANSYS Fluid Products

pdfCFD Enterprise(315 KB)

To benefit from all the computational fluid dynamic solvers that ANSYS offers, choose the CFD Enterprise toolkit. CFD Enterprise offers full versions of ANSYS Fluent, AIM Pro, and CFX to help you optimize product performance with well-validated physical modeling capabilities that deliver quick, accurate results. Engineers use ANSYS CFX for the most accurate, robust, and rapid simulation for rotating machinery such as fans, pumps, compressors, and gas and hydraulic turbines. Companies in the glass, metals, polymer, and cement industries can choose ANSYS Polyflow for advanced fluid dynamics technology.

Engineers can simulate IC engine combustion performance with ANSYS Forte. Simulate with nearly any type of fuel to quickly design high-efficiency, clean-burning engines that are fuel flexible. To ensure speed and safety for in-flight icing certification, ANSYS FENSAP-ICE provides accurate, rapid aircraft icing assessments.

pdfCFD Premium(315 KB)

Today’s experienced engineers need well-validated CFD results to analyze products quickly and thoroughly. With full versions of ANSYS Fluent, CFX, and SpaceClaim included, CFD Premium provides accurate, quick, and robust results.

pdfAIM(650 KB)

Upfront simulation is easy with ANSYS AIM. In one complete tool, AIM combines optimization, accurate simulation, and intuitive guided workflows. Repair or edit existing geometry or create new 3-D concept models with integrated geometry modeling based on SpaceClaim technology. The single-window design contains all aspects of the workflow—electromagnetics, structures, thermal, fluids, and any combination of these—so you can predict the complete performance of a product and gain results you can rely on. With AIM’s powerful optimization and parametric capabilities, engineers can explore the design space automatically and thoroughly—and find the best design quickly.

pdfFluent(1 MB)

ANSYS’ most powerful computational fluid dynamics tool, Fluent, includes well-validated physical modeling capabilities to deliver fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multiphysics applications.

pdfCFX(285 KB)

ANSYS CFX is a high-performance computational fluid dynamics tool that delivers reliable and accurate solutions quickly for a wide range of applications, including leading capabilities for rotating machinery.

pdfPolyflow(870 KB)

ANSYS Polyflow provides advanced fluid dynamics technology for companies in the polymer, glass, metals and cement processing industries.

pdfChemkin-Pro(1 MB)

ANSYS Chemkin-Pro is the gold standard for modeling and simulating complex gas phase and surface chemistry reactions for fast, accurate development of combustion systems.

pdfModel Fuels Library(200 KB)

The Model Fuel Library (MFL) includes detailed and validated reaction mechanisms for over 65 fuel components used to create the most accurate combustion simulations.

pdfForte(615 KB)

ANSYS Forte robustly and accurately simulates IC engine combustion performance with nearly any fuel, helping engineers rapidly design cleaner burning, high-efficiency, fuel-flexible engines.


ANSYS Vista TF complements rotating machinery simulation by enabling engineers to quickly develop blade geometries that achieve desired performance objectives.

pdfBladeModeler(1.7 MB)

ANSYS BladeModeler complements rotating machinery simulation with a specialized, easy-to-use tool for the rapid 3D design of rotating machinery components.

pdfTurboGrid(290 KB)

ANSYS TurboGrid software complements rotating machinery simulation by creating high-quality meshes designed for the demands of fluid dynamics analysis.


FENSAP-ICE is the premier in-flight icing simulation system, used worldwide by major aerospace companies. Its innovative, graphical environment provides intuitive file management and makes it easy to interact between simulation modules.

pdfFENSAP-ICE Turbo(15 MB)

FENSAP-ICE-TURBO does what no other system can — its unique, integrated interface enables you to analyze aero grids and icing simultaneously. With it, you can analyze the external flow and icing over the aircraft, with engines installed and running.