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ANSYS electronics softwareElectromagnetics Software

Design electronic and electrical products more quickly and cost-effectively with ANSYS electromagnetics solutions. ANSYS software leads the industry in electromagnetic field, systems, multiphysics, and circuit simulation software. Learn how your products will behave by optimizing design via simulation rather than prototype building and testing, which is expensive and time-consuming. You’ll design superior products — circuit boards, computer chips, cell phones, electronic components in cars, Internet of Things (IoT), antennas or even a communication system — with ANSYS software.

To begin your exploration of ANSYS electromagnetic solutions, take a look at the related information below or download the ANSYS Capabilities Matrix (1 MB).

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Electromagnetics Applications

ANSYS Electromagnetic Products

pdfElectronics Desktop(820 KB)

ANSYS Electronics Desktop is a unified platform for electromagnetic, circuit and system simulation.

pdfHFSS(1 MB)

ANSYS HFSS simulates 3-D full-wave electromagnetic fields for accurate and rapid design of high-frequency and high-speed electronic components.

pdfIcepak(1.85 MB)

ANSYS Icepak provides CFD simulation for electronics cooling applications.

pdfMaxwell(840 KB)

ANSYS Maxwell simulates 2-D and 3-D low frequency electromagnetic fields for accurate and rapid design of electromagnetic and electromechanical devices.

pdfSIwave(930 KB)

ANSYS SIwave is a specialized design platform for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of electronic packages and PCBs.

pdfQ3D Extractor(1 MB)

ANSYS Q3D Extractor provides 2-D and 3-D parasitic extraction for engineers designing electronic packaging and power electronic equipment.