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ANSYS Discovery Ultimate Bundle


ANSYS Discovery Ultimate Bundle includes the following products:

ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim

Discovery SpaceClaim

Increase productivity and find innovative solutions with Discovery SpaceClaim. Create and even edit and repair corrupt 3D models or faceted files types for use downstream. Model concepts or perform detailed design with this 3D design tool that makes CAD modeling easy, fun, and fast. Prepare models for manufacturing, 3D printing, or simulation with the same tools, or reverse engineer faceted/STL files.

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ANSYS Discovery Live

Discovery Live

For the first time, engineers can perform simulation almost in real-time with Discovery Live. This interactive, instantaneous simulation environment allows engineers across disciplines at all career stages to explore concepts and designs. Discovery Live is dramatically simpler than other simulation tools: run your first analysis while you design. Iterate, interact, and explore changes with immediate updates and results.

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ANSYS Discovery AIM

Discovery AIM

Predict complete product performance and gain results you can trust with Discovery AIM. This simulation tool provides industry-leading accuracy, comprehensive physics, guided workflows, and even allows for optimization in early and late stage design. All simulation workflow aspects are included in a single window design: thermals, electromagnetics, fluids, structures, and multiphysics using the same solvers as the flagship ANSYS products.

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Discovery SpaceClaim Benefits

Ease of Use

With minimal training, anyone can utilize this user-friendly CAD tool. As quickly as you can innovate, you can create or modify any 3D file with SpaceClaim’s direct modeling paradigm. SpaceClaim frees you from the limitations of traditional concept modeling so you can focus on creating and designing, not the on technology.


Quickly repair, edit, or even create 3D CAD or faceted files types with Discovery SpaceClaim. You can easily share projects with R&D engineers, customers, CAE analysts, fellow team members, and manufacturers. No matter the origin (suppliers, online resources, or your in-house library), import and integrate any geometry in one environment.

Flexibility and Versatility

The unique toolset in Discovery SpaceClaim enables you to design rough concepts or highly detailed designs, no matter the modeling task or your level of training. You can even edit 3D data from other CAD systems. Prepare models for manufacturing, 3D printing, or simulation with the same tools, or reverse engineer faceted/STL files for use downstream.

Discovery SpaceClaim Features

  • Model 3D parts, assemblies, drawings or import and edit CAD data
  • Create manufacturing fixtures, process plans, or optimize and repair models for toolpath creation
  • Reverse engineer or autosurface any STL file in seconds
  • Prepare, optimize or edit any model for 3D printing
  • Design, import, unfold and optimize sheet metal files

This Discovery product is available for purchase and trial.

SpaceClaim assists with manufacturing and design applications, concept modeling, and simulation preparation workflows. All bundle options include Discovery SpaceClaim.

Discovery Live Benefits

Structural Simulation of a Rear Axle
Motor Mount Concept
Internal Flow of a Duct
Internal Flow of a Duct
External Aero of a Dump Truck
Thermal Simulation of a Heat Sink

Interactive Geometry

What if you could make changes directly on a 3D model and immediately learn the impact of those changes? With Discovery Live, you don’t need to wait for modifications in geometry, remeshing, or resolving. Results are re-computed immediately—no need to start over.

Interactive Physics

When a load is increased, an input velocity drops, or a material is changed, you gain immediate insight with Discovery Live. Eliminate unneeded geometry preparation and use multiple physics on the same model.

Interactive Results

Discovery Live generates answers as fast as you can ask questions. Discovery Live is the only simulation tool that allows you to change the rate, location, and size of a particle stream, then instantly switch to a composite view to see the model’s maximum pressures throughout.

Discovery Live Features

  • See instant engineering simulation results for designer-level applications
  • Eliminate geometry cleanup, meshing, solving and post-processing
  • Perform structural, internal/external fluids, thermal and modal analysis
  • Edit geometry from any CAD source or model new ideas for exploration
  • Receive live updates as you change physics types or inputs, make geometry edits or alter display characteristics
  • Benefit from the readily available power of GPUs (graphical processing units)

This Discovery product is available for purchase and trial.

Discovery Live’s groundbreaking technology is the bridge between design and simulation. Engineers can explore bigger solution spaces with more iterations. Discovery Live is included in Ultimate and Standard bundles.

Discovery AIM Benefits

Guided Simulation Workflows

Discovery AIM’s guided simulation workflows and intuitive user interface significantly reduce simulation setup and execution. Focus on engineering while the templates guide you through the simulation process and automate routine steps. Spend more time producing and less time learning and relearning.

Accurate Simulation Technology

Discovery AIM uses the same solvers found in flagship ANSYS products. This technology delivers the most accurate and reliable simulations, from setup of the model to physics and meshing solutions.


You can implement your best practices and tailor your simulation processes to ensure accuracy and consistency with Discovery AIM. Use custom physics loads and objects to match the simulation definition to your specific task. Create a user-defined template with any simulation and replay it on any model.

Discovery AIM Features

  • Perform fluid simulations, like reducing pressure drop, calculating lift and drag coefficients, evaluating fluid loads and predicting flow behavior
  • Analyze static deflections and stresses for complex parts and assemblies, which may include nonlinear contact, structural joints and large deflections
  • Determine natural frequencies and vibration characteristics of a product to understand product longevity and durability
  • Simulate static magnetic fields and current conduction to evaluate the electromagnetic performance of your designs
  • Reduce trial-and-error iterations and quickly troubleshoot unexpected problems when simulating polymer extrusion processes and evaluating die designs
  • Ensure proper design performance within an expected temperature range by accurately simulating thermal performance

This Discovery product is available for purchase and trial.

Discovery AIM is included, along with Discovery Live and Discovery SpaceClaim, in the Ultimate bundle. Choose our most-comprehensive suite of products to simulate advanced engineering problems via ANSYS flagship solver technology and guided workflows.