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ANSYS Software - 3-D Design3-D Design

ANSYS Discovery Live New!
Instantaneous Simulation Results as Models Are Designed and Edited

Simulation software has been a true game-changer. With simulation, product development engineers have gained insights and solutions that were formerly possible only with expensive and time-consuming prototypes. But simulation software takes time to set up, calculate, and master.

With its Discovery Live technology, ANSYS is ushering in a revolution in simulation technology. We don’t say that lightly: Discovery Live provides you with immediate results while you’re designing and editing. You can experiment with ideas and gain instantaneous feedback on your projects. This quantum leap will bring powerful new simulation technology to any engineer performing upfront CAE. Better still, it’s fast and simple to use, and you’ll spend more time with solutions and answers than with questions.

With Discovery Live, you can:

  • Experiment with design ideas, easily make changes and receive instantaneous engineering insights
  • Perform 10 to 1,000 simulations in the same timeframe that was once needed to perform just one simple simulation
  • Simulate on newly created models or any imported CAD file
  • Investigate more options earlier in the design process and develop new products that get to market faster
  • Explore all your “what if” design ideas at little to no cost in time and effort
  • Facilitate breakthroughs and innovations and take your engineering efforts to the next level

Check out the new two-page ANSYS Discovery flyer for more information on the individual products and bundles.

Explore ANSYS Discovery Bundles

ANSYS Discovery Ultimate

ANSYS Discovery Ultimate

Discovery Ultimate contains extensive structural, fluid, thermal, and electromagnetic simulation capabilities as well as direct modeling for a complete 3-D CAD modeling tool.

ANSYS Discovery Standard

ANSYS Discovery Standard

Discovery Standard contains structural, fluid, thermal, and modal analysis as well as advanced STL editing capabilities.

ANSYS Discovery Essentials

ANSYS Discovery Essentials

Discovery Essentials contains direct modeling for part, assembly, and drawing creation. It includes tools for full model repair and editing, translators for most CAD packages and neutral formats, reverse engineering of faceted data, manufacturing, and sheet metal optimization.

ANSYS Discovery Live - an interactive simulation experience

ANSYS Software - 3-D Design3-D Design

3-D Design Exploration

Design engineers today are tasked with building ever-smarter and lighter products. ANSYS 3-D Design products enable state-of-the-art CAD modeling and simulation.

3-D Modeling

Optimum design begins with ANSYS SpaceClaim. This intuitive 3-D modeling tool is built on direct modeling technology so that engineers can easily and quickly create, edit, or repair geometry.

Speed up the design process and move through geometry bottlenecks with SpaceClaim’s tools for concept modeling, reverse engineering scanned data, or creating a model for simulation or manufacturing.

Simulation for Design Engineers

Engineers can explore ideas and approaches in greater depth with ANSYS AIM. AIM integrates design and simulation, providing a single platform for product development. Guided workflows lead you through best practices and optimum use of ANSYS’s best-in-class solver technology. Engineers can take their designs to the next level with this easy-to-learn, versatile, rapid, and precise software. With ANSYS AIM, designers will have no need for any other simulation software when performing thermal, structural, electromagnetic, fluid, or multiphysics combinations.

Bring innovative products to market quickly and affordably with the ANSYS 3-D Design family.

To begin your exploration of ANSYS 3-D Design solutions, download the ANSYS Discovery – Bundle Feature Comparison PDF.

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