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Key Employees of Turbine Test Services Join SimuTech Group

wind turbine testing services

Rochester, New York - SimuTech Group, Inc. has significantly expanded its testing capabilities to include wind turbine testing. The two owners of Turbine Test Services (TTS) have joined the company’s Testing Services team: Scott Naucler and Matt Cramer will broaden SimuTech Group’s ability to serve the West Coast, according to Rick James, SimuTech Group President.

“We’re bringing our 34 years’ of ANSYS simulation experience to combine with TTS’s gear box reliability, fluid-structure interaction (FSI) on blade and tower interactions, and macro-level wind farm turbine location optimization. Most importantly, we’ve added two highly respected and skilled wind turbine experts, Scott and Matt,” James explained. “The added resources create synergies with SimuCloud® for remote monitoring, predictive analytics, and optimized wind farm maintenance. We’re also enlarging our Digital Twin workflow and methodologies.”

SimuTech Group can now provide tests in the wind industry that require climb certification or certified status as an accredited laboratory. Naucler and Cramer will continue to provide wind turbine load testing and test support, and they plan to pursue wind turbine power performance tests and large loads testing campaigns, according to TTS founder Scott Naucler. “We are very excited to join SimuTech as they provide an environment that nurtures innovation and promotes creative thought,” said Naucler.

The long-term goals that leverage the talents of both companies include offering vibration and strain gage tests coupled with ANSYS-driven predictive simulation and loads analysis, wind site development consultation, and increased testing scale and coverage for clients in all industry sectors worldwide.

About SimuTech Group

SimuTech Group, Inc. is a simulation services company specializing in ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and electromagnetic simulation software as well as turbomachinery and testing services. SimuTech Group is the largest provider of ANSYS FEA, CFD, and electromagnetic engineering simulation software in North America with offices across the US and Canada providing sales, technical support, training, and consulting.

For more information about SimuTech Group, visit www.simutechgroup.com.

About Turbine Test Services

Founded in 2013 by Scott Naucler and co-owned by Mathew Cramer, Turbine Test Services, LLC provides mechanical testing and power performance testing services for utility scale wind turbines worldwide.


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