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Press Releases

SimuTech Group Named ANSYS’ Americas Channel Partner Of The Year 2017

SimuTech Group Named ANSYS’ Americas Channel Partner Of The Year 2017From the right, Ken Lally (CEO), Sriram "Rob" Atchutuni (VP of Sales), Rick James (President)

Rochester, New York – ANSYS has named SimuTech Group, Inc. its Americas Channel Partner of the Year 2017. The award was announced January 15, 2018 at the ANSYS sales kickoff meeting in Orlando, Florida.

“SimuTech continues to be one of our star channel partners,” said Robert Thibeault, ANSYS Director of Worldwide Channel Business Development. “They’ve shown outstanding double-digit sales growth for 2017.”

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Key Employees of Turbine Test Services Join SimuTech Group

wind turbine testing services

Rochester, New York - SimuTech Group, Inc. has significantly expanded its testing capabilities to include wind turbine testing. The two owners of Turbine Test Services (TTS) have joined the company’s Testing Services team: Scott Naucler and Matt Cramer will broaden SimuTech Group’s ability to serve the West Coast, according to Rick James, SimuTech Group President.

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Simutech Group to Distribute Rocky DEM in North America

Simutech Group to Distribute Rocky DEM in North America

Rochester, New York - SimuTech Group, Inc. and Rocky DEM have signed a distribution agreement that will allow SimuTech Group, Inc. to sell the powerful 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program across the U.S. and Canada.

“Rocky DEM will help our clients get accurate evaluations quickly, minimizing the time and costs involved in physical testing during product development,” says Rick James, SimuTech Group President. “With Rocky DEM, SimuTech Group’s clients will be able to simulate the flow behavior of different shaped and sized particles within a conveyor chute, mill, mixer, or other materials handling equipment. This would include granular particle behavior such as ore, pharmaceutical pills, and potatoes,” James explained. It is also the first commercially available solver to support multi-GPU processing, a powerful feature that aims to revolutionize processing performance and pave the way for solving bigger simulations faster.

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SimuTech Takes the Fast Track to Community Service

UWashington Formula Motorsports race car

Few things are more exciting to engineering students than designing, building, and testing formula-style race cars. However much fun University of Washington students are having in the UWashington Formula Motorsports (FSAE) team, they’re still learning important Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) concepts. FEA and CFD simulation software aren’t taught much at the undergraduate level, though, according to Kevin Tam, UW engineering student and FSAE team member.

Enter Butch Vision, SimuTech Group’s Vice President of Engineering. When the FSAE team needed help, Vision answered the call. “I feel that it’s important to help students as much as I can, given how important engineering is and how beneficial real-life engineering problem-solving skills are,” said Vision, who’s also one of SimuTech’s key FEA engineers. Vision has made several visits to the UW campus to give students hands-on lessons in ANSYS® FEA simulation software, volunteering his time and giving guidance and advice.

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